Learning How To Drive & Some Good News

Hey, well it has been awhile since I posted anything but I'm here once again. I have good news... I got promoted at my job! I'm so excited, and really nervous... Starting Sunday.. I, Ashleigh Polaco will be the Inventory Management Specialist at Toyrus. Basically I will be taking care of orders, and the inventory of the store...Not to much pressure right? Whew, but I will start on my 8 week training with the head IMS at another Toyrus, But I feel like I need my license more than ever...lol :) So starting last month or so, My brother in law started teaching me how to drive. He always says maybe we will survive and make it back home... haha.. right? Though we make it home every time so I guess we didn't die. Driving isn't so bad as I thought it would be, It is scary sometimes... because I see all those bright shining lights in my rear view mirror... kinda makes me nervous. Today during my lesson, my end results I passed two stop signs, ran a red light and made a wrong turn...lol.Which was my first time doing either of those HA... So hopefully soon I get it perfectly right.


I would love to update my car, its a 1991 Toyota Corolla. It needs the A/C fixed and a new radio, clean carpets... just a women's touch lol. :)

Well I'm off to bed, Goodnight everyone!