~ My 16th Birthday ~

Date: June 10, 2013
Time: 12:10am

Today is my Birthday!! Yahoo! Finally 16.. Sweet 16 :)
Well at this time I should be sleeping, But thanks to some puppies that were born just recently, and were crying at 4am.. I am awake. I'm on Itunes, at the moment, Who else like Itunes? I love Itunes.. Its sad though haha, Why? Because you see all this great Christian music, And you want it all! and at the moment, you think " Why can't it be free?" Another thing that is sad, Is what happened today, well to me to sad and strange, See when I am told " You can sleep in.'' I can't sleep, and I wake up early ( Example: Yesterday) Yet when I am told to wake up early, I wake up late. Way annoying lol! Anyway, so now its 5:30am, Which means I have been surfing Itunes for an hour.. and now I am tired, So I went back to bed, Slept for maybe 30 mins or so.. ( not exactly how long since I was asleep =p) hehe. When I woke up, I went downstairs and said "Good morning!" to my Mom. Who had just told me she has pink eye... But she is doing better, Please keep her in your prayers :)

Mom went back upstairs to do some stuff, and I stayed downstairs, On Itunes. hehe. I got a phone call from my Dad, saying he will be home soon. When he did come home, Boy was I happy! You never guess what... My Daddy bought me 6 red roses!! :) That was the first time I get flowers for my brithday, so that made my day, After that i put my flowers in a vase, with plant food, and glass rocks ( I will post a picture) after that I went to go get ready to go shopping! :)

My Day has begun...

So first we went to Super Bonita, then to Ola Hotel, and found nothing! lol So we went down town, And went to multiple Chinese stores, since they are pretty common here, like seriously. They are everywhere, and the totally messed up part about these stores they all have the same thing that just ticks me.. " One size fits all or L is tiny, tight, and see through :l ugh. Any-who.. First we went into this store, and I didn't like anything, but I bought some nail polish ( neon pink ) Next store! I got some lilac all star Converse! and we left.. Next store, Some 6ft lady stepped on my foot/ankle even if I said " Excuse me in Portuguese" and they were kit heels... So at that store I saw 4 belts, and hat, and an Aeropostal T-shirt I loved! But one thing with me, I have a hard time making my mind.. i did want the shirt.. but It was small! Grr! It was cute, and Neon :p We looked in every Chinese store, for that shirt, they had it but only Small and Large.. Which is small anyway.. so no Shirt. We left, and then went to another store, and got black pants, and left, went back to the store with Lady who stepped on me.. and my Dad bought me the belts, and I bought the puma hat ;)

Whew.. Done shopping! I like shopping, but if its hot, I will rather sit in the car :p After shopping we went to go get pizza :) Oh yeah! We got two pizza's, at the mall. They were half cheese, and half something else :p Hey that reminds me.. We have one left over piece in the fridge ( Snickers*) lol :) So after we got pizza and Sprite, we went to go get Ice cream..But mom wanted me and dad to see if they had ice cream inside the mall.. So we went inside.. We found ice cream.. But I wasn't feeling adventurous to taste it.. I was laughing, because my dad was being silly :p As Always ;) So we went back upstairs, finding mom ( who was sitting on the couch) They also have a Cinema at the mall.. and Popcorn :] So we got popcorn :) It was sweetish.. hmm? And if you are asking " Did you go the movies?'' The answer is no! lol, We are not allowed to go to the movies, Especially if my Dad is a Pastor, and in Ministry. Part of the rules. Can you believe, I have only been in a Movie Theater once?? " Your like " What?!" Yup! I went with my Grandma and my Uncle Johnny :) We saw UP in 3d ;) I had fun, I took off the glasses on some parts hahah!

After the popcorn we got Gelato! My favorite ice cream!! :) I got Mixed Berry & Lemon, Mom got Mixed Berry, and Dad got.. hmm.. Oh yeah, Mango & Mixed berry :) Then we went home! Finally! hahaha :)

The End!

Ps: Even before all this happened I made a wish, To have someone I love so much.. But haven't seen in almost 2 1/2 years.. Call me :) But no call came... I was hurt, and Well other information, is " Not post able" But I prayed, and went to sleep :) The next day guess what, That person called! :) God does answer prayers <3

Ps 2: Thanks for reading about my Day :) Will post again way soon! :) Love, Ash