{ I caught an.. Octopus! }

While living in Cape Verde, And living about a 15 minute drive away from the house.. Didn’t mean we never went fishing. In my experiences at a young age..Which is 12-14.. We would go fishing..I would barely catch one fish.. And it’s Rainbow Trout. My parents, would get bites, fish..and stuck ;) I gave up.. I wasn’t good with patience..lol. So after that.. I kind of thought fishing was really boring. And I just didn’t like it. And I stuck to that.. “ I don’t like fishing. “ Now my Dad..is a whole different story. My dad LOVES fishing. Don’t believe me.. Well I have a few facts that will prove it!

1. His Suitcase says “ I rather be fishing.”
2. His collection of Fishing stuff.. rubber worms..and stuff ( I have no knowledge of the proper names. )
3. His interest in fishing.
and finally number # 4!

4. We would go fishing so much in Cape Verde.. I actually liked it! lol

Living in Cape verde, We would all go as a family.. To certain spots..That we liked :) Now, where we would fish..had little tide pools.. with fish, Sea urchins, Slugs..( eww! ) and crabs! :) And of course rocks, coral, . ect. I still didn’t having the patience to stand there..And wait for fish to eat my worm on the line..So my mom and dad would fish..Well, Me.. The Bait Catcher.. chased fish around the tide pools, in the freezing cold water. ( We would go early in the morning, When the sun wasn’t burning us..and the tide was low.)

When we first went fishing in Cape verde.. Guess what we saw! A BLOWFISH!..You know those fish.. who look normal..but then they puff up..with spikes all over them! It was awesome! :)
Anyway.. Once Upon a time..just kidding. We went on our family fishing trips..again! And I had my bucket, and net that my dad made :) And went looking for fish bait! :)

I went looking for fish..And I was looking in the tide pool..When I saw what I thought was a rock MOVE..But since Rocks don’t move.. or squirt ink..I freaked out!..The octopus..moved his legs..Reminded me of a spider..Anyway. I was soooooooooo excited..I had to tell my mom! “ Mom!"- said loudly which of course was hushed because I was scaring the fish.. lol.. So I caught the octopus..even if he/she.. kept squirting me with ink..or trying too.

I showed my mom, She was surprised just like me..though I was more excited! I went to go show my Dad..And He was like Wow! :) So I put him in my net.. Here’s a picture!

Can you spot him..? Here;s a hint..Camouflage! 

How cool is that!!!
When I put him in my bucket with the little fish I had caught..for some reason..My fish were disappearing..? HE ATE MY FISH?! lol Which was annoying.. but cool.. :) That is something I will never forget! :) Well here in South Africa..It’s time for bed! So goodnight WORLD :) Have a great day/night. Will be posting more pics from Cape Verde..MaƱana ;) ( Tomorrow) :)

~ Ashleigh ~