~ Campbell County's 4th Bday! ~

HeyHey!!! Today is the day! What day you ask..well the Campbell County's 4th Birthday of course! :)
 This week will be absolutely insanely awesome! Come and join the fun! There is tons to do, and tons to enjoy! :)

We will also be having.. LIVE CHAT EVENTS!!

LIVE chat with Phil Lollar - Phil Lollar will join us in the chatbox for a fun live chat with everyone on Campbell County! 3:00pm CC time.

Odyssey Gallows LIVE - This is a classic game on Campbell County. The idea is to do it at 3:00pm CC time so that most people will be done with school in time to play.

LIVE chat with Katie Leigh - We'll have another special birthday guest, Katie Leigh, in the chatroom! 6:00pm CC time.

and maybe even another one!

For those of you who don't know about the CC time, The Campbell County has it's own time zone, It's on the Campbell county. :)

So there is the LIVE CHAT EVENTS and TONS More FUN!!!

  Here is the link below:

~ Ashleigh.G.S.Polaco ~