Learning How To Drive & Some Good News

Hey, well it has been awhile since I posted anything but I'm here once again. I have good news... I got promoted at my job! I'm so excited, and really nervous... Starting Sunday.. I, Ashleigh Polaco will be the Inventory Management Specialist at Toyrus. Basically I will be taking care of orders, and the inventory of the store...Not to much pressure right? Whew, but I will start on my 8 week training with the head IMS at another Toyrus, But I feel like I need my license more than ever...lol :) So starting last month or so, My brother in law started teaching me how to drive. He always says maybe we will survive and make it back home... haha.. right? Though we make it home every time so I guess we didn't die. Driving isn't so bad as I thought it would be, It is scary sometimes... because I see all those bright shining lights in my rear view mirror... kinda makes me nervous. Today during my lesson, my end results I passed two stop signs, ran a red light and made a wrong turn...lol.Which was my first time doing either of those HA... So hopefully soon I get it perfectly right.


I would love to update my car, its a 1991 Toyota Corolla. It needs the A/C fixed and a new radio, clean carpets... just a women's touch lol. :)

Well I'm off to bed, Goodnight everyone!


Living in Denver and Changed!

Hey everyone! I know it has been such a long while since I have posted, a lot has happened. So most of you may know I moved to Denver, CO to live with my sister and her family, For a while I hated that I moved here, but If i didn't I wouldn't be here..anyway. I never really grew up with siblings, so now being 18 there's always a first time. Israel, Zion and Aria, are my nephews and my niece. They are good kids, always talking and talking. They say such funny things. Watching them learn, and grow makes me think a lot. So, new things that have happened... I got saved, guess through time I realized I couldn't live without God no matter how hard I tried. Life lesson learned, and for some of us to learn you can't live without God, you may think "I can do it by myself, I don't need God." Trust me, I tried. I just gave myself more scars, and got into trouble, which led to hatred, anger, ect.  Life seemed to get so much harder without him. And now that I'm serving God, I can say I am happy, I'm finally free.  I go through some moments, but I am trying to fight against it :)

We have a bigger church, and its the same building we had before. My brother in law has a vision for his church, so we knocked down the walls and its amazing! Our church is seeing new converts. A couple teens, Pray we get more youth! While I was at work, my family and our church went outreaching and they handed out like 500 fliers... Now that's awesome! We had our Easter service, and the kids got their Easter egg hunt was super cute! We had a baby dedication, and that was three kids... It awesome to see parents dedicate their kids to God, I've seen it before yes, but its different when you understand the reasoning behind it. We are supposed to have a baptism, pretty soon. I'm going to do it, my reasoning is because I'm taking this seriously now, I want to serve God and live to what he wants me to be.


Well, when I got saved I started praying for a new job. I liked my job it just wasn't working out for me concerning the pay, and my health. When I first moved here, I had applied for ToysRus, and I didn't get it, and so about 5 weeks ago, my sister let me know they were hiring and I jumped to the opportunity. I got my second interview, with the manager who is someone I could see myself working for, My previous manager wasn't someone I could work with any longer, so I quit. So good news! I got the job within 3 days, I was so happy, I've only worked two days so far but I truly love the atmosphere, the people. My hiring manager, is so friendly and full of energy, she makes working not so stressful. I love that I'm working with people, seeing kids...some brats here and there. God gave me this job, answered my prayer... And I'm finally working somewhere I actually enjoy.

I am still waiting though, trying to finish school.. I'm not sure what to do after that? I want to get back into doing music for the church, but  Should I go to college, and what kind? So honestly, it's a bit frustrating not knowing but I'll wait on God. Not sure what he has planned for me, other than being a Pastors Wife one day, I've had that calling upon my life since I was a little girl. Who knows? Well, I better get back to reality, lol Until next time...

Next Subject: The World Today...

You know when I wasn't saved, as a Pastor's kid makes you feel alone... but if you are out there, and you think your the only one.. If you really want to know what I felt like. I found this song, every word... WAS me. 

 When you get a chance listen to this song: Paralyzed by NF


Yet Another Chapter To Begin

Moving is starting to feel like the norm now, I have moved once yet again. I moved this Tuesday, to Aurora, CO. It's a lot different from Las Vegas, NM for sure. If you've never been to Las Vegas, NM you're not missing anything honestly, the biggest store we have there is a Walmart... Kinda ghetto sorry, but it's true. Here in Aurora, I'm living in my oldest sister Andrea and her family, which included my 2 nephews and my little niece. It's kind of crazy, how big they keep getting. My oldest nephew is 9! It makes me feel old, lol being his aunt and only 9 years older than him. You may be wandering why, I moved here.... Well, being in Vegas, even though I was there for 8 months I sadly didn't get anything done, yes I got a job but my money evaporated and just some decisions I was making weren't very wise. I hadn't got my high school diploma, my driver's license, nothing done. It's funny how when I moved back I had so many plans and I didn't do any of it. I learnt a lot though, Work taught me a lot... like Patience. That's something I have a hard time with, is patience. We all do. It taught me to work with different types of people, and how to handle situations with certain circumstances. Wendy's wasn't the best job in the world, but it gave me some experience. So being here in Colorado, it's a lot different. I am starting fresh, I got health insurance (Important) and I got my taxes done, and I am working on getting my permit, then my license, then hopefully also my state ID of Colorado, even though its temporary. Not sure why, I am here. Though there's a few things such as what I just said and starting to have a relationship. with my sister and her husband. Mainly my sister though, My oldest sister moved out of the house when I was 5 and so my relationship is very poor. So being here, till I can get all this stuff done, a car, and being able to support myself... I can work on my relationship with her, and get to spend time with my family, well at least part of my family. I can't help but smile at my nephews and niece because I remember being little and having that imagination, it's kind of sad to grow up. I miss being a kid, but then we got spanked when we were kids, So I don't miss it that much haha. Pray, I get a job soon! I applied for ToysRus, Kohl's and Maurice's, and still applying so hopefully that works out soon.

Last night, I babysat my nephews, my niece and two little girls. (A couple in the church here, little girls) Well, the adults went to a Valentines Marriage Seminar. We watched cartoons, PBS KIDS & NICK Jr., Land Before Time and then we all made our own personal pizza's, watched more cartoons, ate homemade Rice Krispies, we had to stop eating them because it was already 9:30 and I didn't want them all hyper before bed hah. All in all, I had fun even if I wasn't feeling good. I can't wait to have kids :)

Well, I better get back to cleaning so the point of this, I may take some time adjusting yet again but I hope the outcome, of this will be good. May not be easy, right now but I'm going tot try and trust in God to help me through this. We have a busy day... So hope you all have a wonderful day.

Happy Valentine's Day - Ashleigh Polaco


Art Museum in Port Elizabeth

While living in South Africa, in 2015 my dad went to go preach in a place called Port Elizabeth, South Africa. It's about 9 hours, by car from Cape Town, where I lived. The drive was okay, I am not a fan of long car rides, though having a phone with games and music... helped me survive and sleeping was probably the best part.  We went to preach for Pastor Andy Anderson, and the revival went pretty great! Well we were there Pastor Anderson's wife, Heather took me to a Art Gallery, and an Art museum, I am really into art. Art is so beautiful, is just wow. I think it's amazing how people just use their imaginations, to create ART. Art to me, is just so amazing and beautiful, so much color, even if its black and white, or photography, its creative, and it really makes you think someone actually took the time, to do something they love, it's inspiring. Anyway, going to both of those was amazing, I've never been to any kind of museum, so that was a blessing especially because I got to meet the artist who painted some of the paintings in the gallery. Well, I was allowed to take some pictures, and just the art is really amazing and exquisite! Check it out!

This picture, I love the most because it could have a story behind it. Every piece of art does. Photography is art too! The depth, of the picture, how the fire looks and different shades of red. It's a beautiful picture.

A portrait

Made with Paint and Water Colors

I met the artist, who painted this.. This picture was very detailed. You wonder how he did it, He explained that its actually all paint, and he has a specific paintbrush or tool that he used, It took him 14 hours to paint this. I love it because of all the color, and it's different from your usual Picasso Art. It's truly beautiful.

At first I thought this was a fish, but the women in Africa depending on where you live, but they were their traditional dresses. This is a piece of art made with strips of paper, and some paint. If you look really close you can see a lady, dressed in her traditional dress, and their dresses are so full of color. They are truly beautiful. I'll post some pictures of Africa soon.

This one is interesting because it looks like it was painted right, No! It's actually made of newspapers and magazines. It's different, there's no specific image, or design that is visible but just the idea of someone making this out of strips and pieces of paper and all that is just really creative and is just one of those wow moments! WOW!

I will upload more pictures soon!



Happy New Year!

Welcome to the new year of 2016, and Happy New Year to all! How was everyone's Christmas? My Christmas was nice, first time I spent it without my parents was pretty different and will be hard getting used to. I did spend it in ABQ with my grandmother and my two uncles, and with more family I haven't seen since I was little. We had turkey, corn, mashed potatoes, and all that good food! It's was very cold too, was expecting blizzard conditions, so this girl got stranded in ABQ... so that was great, not! Though was nice to spend time with my family, and have a few laughs, a lot of candy canes and a couple pieces of pumpkin/sweet potato pie! So it is a new year, hey? Does anyone have any new year's goals, resolutions, like a new years bucket list? Email me some, at ashleyisland97@gmail.com and I'll add it to the post I'll make about my New Years To Do List.  You know a lot has changed since last year, one is me moving back to America, getting a job at Wendy's, trying to as independent as I can... hmm and just a lot. I've made a lot of memories, last year. Some good and some bad... I know that sometimes our years, won't be perfect but hey.. I'm grateful because through it all, I had my family through it all and without them I wouldn't be the girl I am today, yeah I have a ways to go when it comes to growing up and learning things for myself but hey, We all as teenagers have too. Well, I will post when I can...I wish I could all the time, but with my paycheck I can't afford a laptop or a computer. So when I do post, it will be worth reading. Well I hope you have a wonderful day, and you know what this year make it count. Do something different, Go experience some new things, meet new people, and through it all Keep Serving God. God bless you guys!