Art Museum in Port Elizabeth

While living in South Africa, in 2015 my dad went to go preach in a place called Port Elizabeth, South Africa. It's about 9 hours, by car from Cape Town, where I lived. The drive was okay, I am not a fan of long car rides, though having a phone with games and music... helped me survive and sleeping was probably the best part.  We went to preach for Pastor Andy Anderson, and the revival went pretty great! Well we were there Pastor Anderson's wife, Heather took me to a Art Gallery, and an Art museum, I am really into art. Art is so beautiful, is just wow. I think it's amazing how people just use their imaginations, to create ART. Art to me, is just so amazing and beautiful, so much color, even if its black and white, or photography, its creative, and it really makes you think someone actually took the time, to do something they love, it's inspiring. Anyway, going to both of those was amazing, I've never been to any kind of museum, so that was a blessing especially because I got to meet the artist who painted some of the paintings in the gallery. Well, I was allowed to take some pictures, and just the art is really amazing and exquisite! Check it out!

This picture, I love the most because it could have a story behind it. Every piece of art does. Photography is art too! The depth, of the picture, how the fire looks and different shades of red. It's a beautiful picture.

A portrait

Made with Paint and Water Colors

I met the artist, who painted this.. This picture was very detailed. You wonder how he did it, He explained that its actually all paint, and he has a specific paintbrush or tool that he used, It took him 14 hours to paint this. I love it because of all the color, and it's different from your usual Picasso Art. It's truly beautiful.

At first I thought this was a fish, but the women in Africa depending on where you live, but they were their traditional dresses. This is a piece of art made with strips of paper, and some paint. If you look really close you can see a lady, dressed in her traditional dress, and their dresses are so full of color. They are truly beautiful. I'll post some pictures of Africa soon.

This one is interesting because it looks like it was painted right, No! It's actually made of newspapers and magazines. It's different, there's no specific image, or design that is visible but just the idea of someone making this out of strips and pieces of paper and all that is just really creative and is just one of those wow moments! WOW!

I will upload more pictures soon!