~ Life is Better at the Beach ~

We went to most peaceful place, and my favorite place.. The Beach. Have I ever told y’all how much I love the beach.. I mean I love it. It’s so peaceful.. I honestly didn’t enjoy living on an Island ( Cape Verde ) , but The only thing I loved about it all..was the ocean. The ocean itself it Amazing, You might even call it “ An Amazing Creation “.. Well here is what amazes me about it.. *Whispers*.. Everything! haha :) But to be completely honest, The ocean.. Have you ever thought about it.. All the Fish, sea creatures, sea anemones, everything..every speck of sand, every sea shell..every little crab. God made. :) It’s unbelievable..but it’s truly beautiful. The ladies from church went to the beach, And I of course tagged along.. I got to see a star fish..They were pretty gooey..but seeing something so cool is unbearable lol. I loved that I got to be with the ladies, and Jayda.. but I truly loved just being at the beach.. Watches the small waves crash..feeling the cold wind..( Though..Heavy wind isn’t very enjoyable.) But I stood there..looking at the ocean. I felt peace.. Though I was standing alone..It gives me time to think stuff though.. but I really do love..LOVE the beach. Anyway..Me and my parents went to the beach a few weeks ago, and even though it was seriously windy..it was still beautiful. I took some pictures too! Hope you like em!

                                   Mom’s Foot Prints in the Sand
My Mom walking by the ocean 
I’m in love with the ocean <3
Hey, lil bird
The End!
P.S: If you guys, have amazing pics that you took..of your family vacations..or whatever..and you want to share em. Leave a comment below..and I’ll share em!

                      { Beauty From Ashes }