~ The Best Days Ever in New Mexico ~

Never had this much fun!

December 16, 2013

Yay! I’m in New Mexico! Las vegas, NM to be precise.. This is my home town, I was born in ABQ, NM but Vegas feels like my true home. I was so happy I got to spend two days with my cousins :) Here is what I did:

We drove from Tuci. NM, We went to my 50 yr old cousins wedding ~ Congrats Debbie and Mark ~ ( She has never been married..till now. Woah )

We got to the Best Western Inn at about 9:20, I was so tired..and knocked out. We had church on Sunday so I needed to sleep. And Sunday was like being welcomed home for a day ;) 

~ Our Arrival at Church ~ 

So we got to church, Walked to the door, right away I noticed people and smiled, I was walking to open the door…when my cousin ran outside and gave me a hug! He just about gave a heart attack lol. I was really happy to see him again, Though he said I was short ;) We went inside..still my heart beating out of my chest.. ;) heh. It was nice to see he missed me ;) Kind of funny cause before I left two years ago, He barely gave me a hug..but we became good friends, and I was excited to see him. Anyway, Everyone said hi!! The #1 Reaction was “ Wow, Your tall! “ Yes, I am tall. ( Not according to Marcos or Zach though ) But I was a bit shortish.. when I left two years ago. I got hugs, hugs, hugs, I was hugged out! Jk, I saw..

Mario & Tiffany ( I missed them a ton!)
Marcos & Family ( My Cousins )
Kitty Kat ( Brittany - Friend )

Let’s just say a ton of people ;) 

I felt like hanging with my cousins today so that is exactly what I did.. I hung out with Marcos, Carlos, Lily, Flor, & Manuel. :) 

~ What we did ~ 

Before we reached there house, My lil cousin Carlos warned me about Marcos’s puppy, They told me it was a pit bull.. I don’t like big pit bulls.. Puppies yes! And he was solo cute! I’ll ask Marcos for a picture :) But his name is Speedy Gonzales ( Most of you should know who that is ) So.we went inside and. We chillaxed on the couch, Marcos took a picture of us, It’s on Google+.. I don’t like it.. but whatever ;) Then we ate wonderful meatloaf with mashed potatoes ( Well me and Marcos did ) His family ate the same thing, but with salad and green beans :) ( I’m not a fan of green beans..) 

Then Flor - My cousins mom - suggested we could make brownies, so we did.. or I should say Marcos did.. They were his brownies,,And he wouldn’t let me make them. Ha! He says he is the best baker.. But I disagree a tiny bit ;) So I guess I am gonna have to prove it.. What do you say Marcos? 
I had a fun time play-fighting with him heh. I might buy him some scissors ;) ( Marcos knows what I mean ) 

Anyway, He put them to bake, and Me and lily made an Orangesicle cake :) and I made cream cheese frosting frosting for Marcos’s brownies..which was yummy! :) Then we hung out a bit more..I bugged Marcos more ;p hehe. ( I enjoy it ) Then the brownies were done, and I put my cake in. And we had to get ready for church. So by the time we were ready, so was the cake. :) Then we headed of to church. 

My friend, Invited me to come to Children Church as a guest :) I was happy to come.. Though I did miss the song service..so I came back after my parents did, special music :) Which was nice to hear again!

Then I headed to the back, And helped out. Looked like they needed help so hey :) Jackson, Said I shouldn't of been helping sine I was a guest..but I love helping :)

Then I went with cousins, To our friends house :) I got to see my friend that i haven't seen in years! Miss Vanessa :) It was great talking to her. :) Then Its was time to head home since they all had school..so They took me home. ( to the hotel ) And thus one great day ended <3

~ Monday..17, 2013 ~

I was going to get my hair done..But wasn't able too. I found out we were going to visit my cousin and family :) We got there..Knocked on the door..and guess who answered the door! Yup, Isaac my cousin :) ( Joy to the world ;) hehe. I was more than happy to see him, and Jo, and Bri. and of course, Trudy and Grandma :) We talked for a while. And about 30 mins later. Someones knocked on the door. It was Isaac's friend from church. He was there to pick up Isaac for the Christmas Party .. His firmed left..Isaac said he was going later.. Then a few mins later, We ended going together :) And omg!!!! I saw a great friend from the old school.. Wow, That made my day even better!

We ate food that Makyla made, which was delicious ! :) And creative ;) and then the best part..we played games! :)

~ Hang the Candy cane of the Christmas Tree ~
~ Catch the Marshmallow.. and which was followed.. Marshmallow fight! ;) We were going to have a snowball fight..but It was a bit cold outside ;)

~ And a lot more games~

All in one result.. Its was the best day I have ever had in New Mexico <3

~ I hope to see my cousins again, soon, Love you both! ~

Thank you so much, for making my time in NM wonderful..fun,,and great. You're both great cousins! Most grateful for you guys!

( Sorry this post was long.. But it's worth reading )

{ Ash }


~ A Happy Day! ~

December 6th, 2013 - In the airplane & at the airport

Time for a 6 hour flight, Yay! ( sarcasm ) I sat next to two guys.. older. One guy was from Kenya - who was also a bioligist :) He was super talkitive.. He and the other guy talked almost the whole flight..Thanks to them I only got an hour of sleep.. I was happy when they fell asleep for an hour ;) Mean I know.. But come on. Though I did enjoy the salad I ate on the plane, Super yummy! Though it was like $8.49 lol. But we finally made it the the airport in Phoenix, AZ. We got off the plane and headed to the baggage claim.. And waited..waited.. Our luggage was no where to be seen. Till I saw my Brother-in-law, Brandon walking towards us..and guess what he had our luggage! :) It was good to see him again, still tall. He went to go load the luggage in the van, While me and Mom waited for my Grandma's plane.. Which was 20 mins late.. So it arrived at 6:20 pm. So me and mom, Went up the escalator, And waited. I found a girl with a brown lab, His name was pilot, He was so nice ^_^ Then Dad came to where mom was, and said Grandma was downstairs already.. I was excited! I ran down the escalator..since it was to slow. I found out I was all the way on the other side of the airport, So I ran through the crowd, haha like ran! ;) I saw an older lady, wearing purple..And I came behind her..and poked her. She turned around.. ( This was the moment..I hoping it was the right person-not just some stranger hahah) " Hita!" " Grandma!" I felt so happy, I gave her a long hug. I was so happy! :) I am still taller than her ;) lol. She noticed haha. So she saw mom, they hugged as well. We got her bags, and left the airport.

We went to Burlington right away! haha. I bought some cute shoes! I'll post a picture later! Then we went to Carls Jr, And got dinner. I got Chicken strips, but they were wonderful and delish without honey-mustard sauce, which they didn't give me. And made our way to Andrea's house. We finally got there, We walked in and everyone was there! Seeing my dear nephews & nieces made super happy, They were all big, adorable and all around cute! I got to hold lil Jade, She was all little.. Asia, Zion, Aria, Israel.. That's what made it great! :) I gave me sister's a hug, " Hi, your short" < I said that to both of them..because I'm taller than them! ;) Funny cuz I was the smallest of them, when I was born.. I was a premature baby..and now I'm the tallest between all the grandkids ;) hehe.

We talked, laughed, hugged! My little nephew Israel, was teaching me how to draw a car.. ;) Though I already knew how..but spending time with him was fun :) and My day was coming to an end, I slept at my other sister's house.

This was the best day.. ever! ^_^ 


~ Israel & Zion - My Nephews ~

Zion and Israel - My Nephews.
About Israel:

Name: Israel
Nickname: Izzy
Age: 7 years old.
Favorite Colors: Red, Blue, Yellow, Purple, Green..and more!
Favorite Animal: Alligator
Favorite Cartoon: Pink Panther
Best friend: Me.. ;) ( Aunty Ashley)
Birthday: October 17th
He loves: Race Cars, airplanes, Lightning Mcqueen and friends, To draw,
Favorite things to do: Play with Cars, Play on my dad's guitar, play with my remote control helicopter, Go to freedom station ( arcade for kids ) and have snow ball fights! ;)
Favorite Foods: Pizza

" Israel is a sweet kid, He is my buddy.. I can't believe how much he has grown. He is growing up into a handsome young boy. :) I love him with all my heart. He is a good artist too! He drew me a car :)

About Zion:

Name: Zion
Nickname: None
Age: 4 years old
Favorite Colors: Blue and Orange
Favorite Animal: Giraffe
Favorite Cartoon: Pink Panther
Best Friend: Me..;) ( Aunty Ashley )
Birthday: April 13th
He love: Toys, Cars, game controls, and more!
Favorite things to do: Play, play video games, watch cartoons, play with my friends, play tag, go to school, play with cars..toys. Go shopping.. Eat candy.
Favorite Food: Peanut Butter Jelly sandwich

Zion is a cute kid, he is also my buddy. He is my Dad's twin..lol ;) Like seriously.. I'll ask for a pic. But Zion is just adorable, He is growing up too.. I love him with all my heart.

~ Ashleigh ~ Will post soon!

~ Our flight to Boston ~

December 5th, 2013 - On my way to Arizona -

Well for some of you who may know I haven't been online in such a while. It's because I have been in packing for my trip to wonderful Arizona. ;) So from Cape Verde we flew to Boston which was a four hour flight. Which wasn't so bad.. But I had no entertainment for 3 hours.. My phone died..and my Dad's Ipad died..so heh.. I was a bit bored. But we finally got into Boston... Just to find out the keep my gray suitcase..because they thought I was making my own homemade beer or whatever..and kept it.... -_- Yes I am a smuggler..and I make my own brew =p hahah I know ridiculous. So we got into to Boston.. where it was 8 degrees! Brr!! I was frozen.. I was all happy to see american things in the airport..I said " Mom, look Dunkin Donuts! " And I barely like donuts haha. We took a hotel shuttle to our hotel. It was kind of smoke..but the drive there was cool :) The hotel was pretty nice. We were hungry, So we were going to go eat at the Hotel restaurant. So we got ready..then were about to head downstairs when..Mom looked out the window and saw a restaurant.. I forgot the name.. But it's a Seafood - Italian - BBQ restaurant! It was soooo delish! My Parents got Ribs, steak, and other meat. Omg! The ribs were fall off the bone..and super rich and delicious.. I was in love. I on the other hand got Sausage and Pasta..which I thought would be something thing like alfredo sauce with sausage..bursting with flavor..but I got a huge bowl of pasta with simple spaghetti sauce.. and the biggest sausage i have ever seen.. I'm serious lol. It was good, but they gives you so much food..i was already full! Then we left full as we can be..and headed to bed :)  The beds were so soft..that my dad said it was like sleeping on a marshmallow haha ;) My parents knocked out..me? I got on the Town of Odyssey Chat, and finally talked to my friends :) Made my day! Then I went to bed.. Since It was like 3am. heh :p Then we woke at 4am.. Jet Lag. I stayed up the whole time..mom went back to sleep around 8. Dad was on his computer reading news and doing some business stuff. Then Dad asked me to get him Breakfast. So I did.. Which at first I thought was free..like it says on their site. But it's $13.50 per person. I think I was bugging the waiter because I kept coming downstairs to ask for juice..Then she made me pay,  hahaha! Then we left for the airport..I got SKITTLES and DR. PEPPER! :) I was happy lol. Since I was deprived from them for 2 years ;) and got a key chain. In my honest opinion I would love to live in Boston :) Who knows, We'll see ;) Then got on our plane to go to.... That's right. Arizona <3

I'll make a post soon! ( I'll be posting daily..hopefully ) Ciao!


~ Friends are a gift ~

In the last few months, I have struggling a lot with my past, my faith. For most of you that know me, know that I am not the kind of girl.. Who opens up easily. In all honesty, I'm the kind of girl who keeps feelings, thoughts, hurt, anger..inside. I know one thing, It's not by choice.. but by circumstance.

Though what does get me through everything are my dear friends who I am most grateful for. I truly am. They are true blessings, and just the best friends I have ever had. I want to thank you guys...so:

~ Kyle Manely aka Limerick. ~

I want to thank you for being a wonderful friend, You're advice..has helped me more than you may think. I thank you for understanding and always being there for me. You know my past..and you understand. For me I can't just open up to just anyone, but you are my best friend, and I feel like your my bro. ( Since I don't have one) Thank you so much.You are so caring, funny, thoughtful..and a all around great friend. :)

~ Samantha ~

You are an amazing best friend, I appreciate you more than anything. Ever since we met, You came off as a caring, loving, compassionate, thoughtful girl. You always care for your friends, and they care for you as well. Sam, I could never thank you enough..for all the help you have given me..You are a wonderful friend as well.. You are a great best friend, and a awesome online sister :) I truly love you, Never forget that. You are always there to support your friends. Just remember we are always here for you to Sammy. Thank you so much, for being there for me, You are a true gift to my life. <3 Love you Sam.

~ Taylor Helton ~

You are always there for me to.. And I have to say we can relate to some stuff. I appreciate our friendship. It means a lot to me, I love you like a sister as well, You are an amazing and wonderful best friend. Your advice and prayers mean a lot me to me, and our friendship. You are caring, thoughtful, always there for me and more! You are a true friend <3 Love you Tay

~ Audrey ~

I know we are still friends..*cough* excuse me. Best friends. We can relate so much, And you are haha so Fun to talk to, funny, and it is really nice when you can relate to someone. Like you said It makes our friendship stronger :) I really enjoy talking to you. Thank you for being an amazing best friend.. You may tease me a lot..haha ;) But I still love your personality. I am glad we become the best of friends :) Love you!

~ Miss Rebekah Peoble ~

To my best friend from Boot Camp and still my best friend. Girl..I'm sorry we don't communicate as much as we used to but you still mean the world to me. I love you Bekah. You have always been a fun gal to hang with, and talk with :) You are a true friend to me. Thanks for being there for me Chicka <3

And this list will get longer and longer.. I have a lot of best friends. I want you all to know I truly am thankful for your friendship. I live on a island, I don't have friends here, But I have you guys. And You are ALL true gifts, You make me smile, and your all just so fun! Thank you so much for being there for me and I hope that one day I will get to meet you all! If not here on earth..then up in Heaven!

Love you guys & gals!

~ Ashleigh ~


~ Learning Portuguese ~

Ola! I wanted to tell you about the school across the street from our house. It's a Multilingual school. :) I never thought they would have one here! For those of you who don't understand.

~ It's a school that teaches multiple languages ~

This school teaches..let's see:

Espanol - Spanish
and more!

Just so happens it's right across the street from our house!..Like seriously..You just walk there. haha. Anyway, Me, Mom and Dad went there yesterday. Dad had to take a test. So me and Mom were with the teacher Miss Erica. :) I'll tell you about Miss Erica.

Miss Erica is of course from Portugal. I say " of course" because there are a lot of people from Portugal who live here. She speaks English..but not very good. I had to translate her English to my mom.. So yeah. But she is very nice. Though she did give us a bit of homework..especially for our first day.

I must say learning Portuguese will be a challenge and an new opportunity for me..and my Mom of course. So hopefully it goes great :)

Today we learned the Basics, Like the Alphabet, Numbers, Greetings. :) and more. In all honesty really enjoyed it. I was really hyper afterwards..which isn't new haha. But I can't wait till next Monday!

I will post more either today or tomorrow! Ciao!

~ Ash ~


~ Campbell County's 4th Bday! ~

HeyHey!!! Today is the day! What day you ask..well the Campbell County's 4th Birthday of course! :)
 This week will be absolutely insanely awesome! Come and join the fun! There is tons to do, and tons to enjoy! :)

We will also be having.. LIVE CHAT EVENTS!!

LIVE chat with Phil Lollar - Phil Lollar will join us in the chatbox for a fun live chat with everyone on Campbell County! 3:00pm CC time.

Odyssey Gallows LIVE - This is a classic game on Campbell County. The idea is to do it at 3:00pm CC time so that most people will be done with school in time to play.

LIVE chat with Katie Leigh - We'll have another special birthday guest, Katie Leigh, in the chatroom! 6:00pm CC time.

and maybe even another one!

For those of you who don't know about the CC time, The Campbell County has it's own time zone, It's on the Campbell county. :)

So there is the LIVE CHAT EVENTS and TONS More FUN!!!

  Here is the link below:

~ Ashleigh.G.S.Polaco ~


~ I'm not your average teenager.~

For you strangers, who don't know me. I am not your average teenager. For my friends, you already know. Have you ever thought about the teenagers in this generation? I do, It's not like you can get away from them anyway. But If you think about it more thoroughly, you realize the teenagers that go to church, the teenagers who are Christians, are different than the teenagers who are sleeping around, watching garbage on TV, listening to worldly music. ( Some of my friend do.. Me? I rather not, But that is a different story.) Here is how I am different.

1. I'm a Christian.

Being a Christian doesn't just mean I believe in Jesus, It means I have a relationship with him. Which is the best thing you could ever have.

2. I don't have a Boyfriend.

Shocking to some of you teenagers, but I have never had a boyfriend. And I am not planing of having one till I am 18+, Honestly the way I see it, Having a boyfriend at a young age, is a waste of heart, and not very wise. I rather wait on who God has for me, then a 16 yr. old girl, with a broken heart, pregnant, etc.

3. I live in a Christian home.

I have all my life, ever since I was born. My parents have been great teacher I guess you could say, I am under a protective covering, when under my parents roof. If they didn't care what I did, If they didn't show me love and care, then I would be in a huge mess right now. But because of the time they take to teach me, lead me, help me, pray for me. I am here :) and not under the worlds influence.

4. I don't have a TV.

Some of you may have one, I am not against that. Just be careful what you watch. I have never had a TV. And most of you will say " Your missing out?" Honestly I rather miss out, The shows when I was little were definitely not as bad as they are now.
To much cussing, all about dating/boys/ To much adult content, Pornography. I know there is some good stuff on TV too, Cooking shows, cartoons, but having a TV in a Christian home is not a good idea. and not what I want.

You may wonder how I know about TV shows, well I admit I watched TV every time I went to my Grandma's house.

5. I don't listen to Worldly Music.

The title says it all, I only listen to Christian music, and some of you may think well its all hymns and melodies, well its not. I listen to Christian rock, rap, and more. Lets use Rhianna for example. A song about suicide. ( Oh yes, perfect for all teenagers and tweens to hear.um not! Not all music is bad, I understand, It may be harmless, But I rather not listen to it. Some of my friends, from Google+ or Adventures in Odyssey Gang, know this. But I have heard tons of world music. How? Well, that's in my past. But I still like the music, but I don't listen to it. I used to listen to Paramour, Linking park, Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry..and etc. I rather stick to Christian music, why? Well for one I am a christian, and I rather hear people praising God, and spreading the best message around the world instead of hearing songs about being in love, broken hearts, Finding the perfect guy/girl.. I just get tired of it.

There is more that separate me, from other teenagers, but these 5 are the top 5. Everyone needs to realize I am not your average teenager. 


My Memories of South Africa Part 1.

1. My Memories.

I have been a Missionary Kid, Since I was two years old, Yup that right! My parents, My sisters & I moved to Johannesburg, South Africa in1998. My dad was sent there to start a church, And we did. I loved South Africa, It was like my home. Well first I went (Christian) kindergarten, Which was called " Treasure Tots". That was my favorite place ever! :) I loved it.. Had so many memories. Even had a favorite teacher :)
Her name was " Teacher Lona ". She was such a great teacher :) I loved her class! My favorite part was being teachers helper. She would pick a student, who was being good. for the day. To be her helper :)
I still have lots of memories. :) sigh.

Then when I finished at Kindergarten, I went to the school across the street, And my favorite school in this world. ~ Aberton Christian Academy ~ I have tons of memories of that school.. I remember everything! My crushes, My fights, My fav teachers, The games we played, Sports :)

                                            ~  Aberton Christian Academy History ~
The school was established in 1987 and operates under the leadership of the Living Word Ministries Church. The school began with a complement of ten students and has a present capacity for two hundred and thirty students. Alberton Christian Academy operates as a Section 21 Company and is registered with the Department of Education and Umalusi.
Treasure Tots Nursery School and the after care facility directly across from the school, was established in 2003. A college facility and extended school grounds was developed in 2006/2007.
Alberton Christian Academy has become one of the largest ACE schools operating in South Africa and Africa.

I had the best Principle, I still remember him! A jolly Principal he was :) (Random Fact: He loves Wintergreen gum) lol So when we would go to America, We would bring him some.

Let's see who I remember.

Principal: Mr Scullard ( I'm not sure how to spell it)
Secretary: Mrs. Wendy
My 3rd grade teacher (evil) ;) jk Mrs. Edwards. 
My 5th Grade teacher : Mrs. Johnson.


Brandon ( Little)
Brandon Lee ( Nice )
Giovanni ( Mean - Had anger Problems)
Montana ( enemy)
Darren ( My first Valentine )
Katy and Carrie ( Highschoolers)
Ramon ( Class Clown)

And that's it :p

But I would have to say the best moments of my life happened in South Africa :) I will never forget it :) And one day I hope I get to go back. I doubt the kids I used to go to school with will be there, And I pray that they are safe. But Our church is still there, And my memories <3

I will post soon! Love, Ashleigh.

If you want to see my School - Here is the Link: albertonchristianacademy.co.za


~ My 16th Birthday ~

Date: June 10, 2013
Time: 12:10am

Today is my Birthday!! Yahoo! Finally 16.. Sweet 16 :)
Well at this time I should be sleeping, But thanks to some puppies that were born just recently, and were crying at 4am.. I am awake. I'm on Itunes, at the moment, Who else like Itunes? I love Itunes.. Its sad though haha, Why? Because you see all this great Christian music, And you want it all! and at the moment, you think " Why can't it be free?" Another thing that is sad, Is what happened today, well to me to sad and strange, See when I am told " You can sleep in.'' I can't sleep, and I wake up early ( Example: Yesterday) Yet when I am told to wake up early, I wake up late. Way annoying lol! Anyway, so now its 5:30am, Which means I have been surfing Itunes for an hour.. and now I am tired, So I went back to bed, Slept for maybe 30 mins or so.. ( not exactly how long since I was asleep =p) hehe. When I woke up, I went downstairs and said "Good morning!" to my Mom. Who had just told me she has pink eye... But she is doing better, Please keep her in your prayers :)

Mom went back upstairs to do some stuff, and I stayed downstairs, On Itunes. hehe. I got a phone call from my Dad, saying he will be home soon. When he did come home, Boy was I happy! You never guess what... My Daddy bought me 6 red roses!! :) That was the first time I get flowers for my brithday, so that made my day, After that i put my flowers in a vase, with plant food, and glass rocks ( I will post a picture) after that I went to go get ready to go shopping! :)

My Day has begun...

So first we went to Super Bonita, then to Ola Hotel, and found nothing! lol So we went down town, And went to multiple Chinese stores, since they are pretty common here, like seriously. They are everywhere, and the totally messed up part about these stores they all have the same thing that just ticks me.. " One size fits all or L is tiny, tight, and see through :l ugh. Any-who.. First we went into this store, and I didn't like anything, but I bought some nail polish ( neon pink ) Next store! I got some lilac all star Converse! and we left.. Next store, Some 6ft lady stepped on my foot/ankle even if I said " Excuse me in Portuguese" and they were kit heels... So at that store I saw 4 belts, and hat, and an Aeropostal T-shirt I loved! But one thing with me, I have a hard time making my mind.. i did want the shirt.. but It was small! Grr! It was cute, and Neon :p We looked in every Chinese store, for that shirt, they had it but only Small and Large.. Which is small anyway.. so no Shirt. We left, and then went to another store, and got black pants, and left, went back to the store with Lady who stepped on me.. and my Dad bought me the belts, and I bought the puma hat ;)

Whew.. Done shopping! I like shopping, but if its hot, I will rather sit in the car :p After shopping we went to go get pizza :) Oh yeah! We got two pizza's, at the mall. They were half cheese, and half something else :p Hey that reminds me.. We have one left over piece in the fridge ( Snickers*) lol :) So after we got pizza and Sprite, we went to go get Ice cream..But mom wanted me and dad to see if they had ice cream inside the mall.. So we went inside.. We found ice cream.. But I wasn't feeling adventurous to taste it.. I was laughing, because my dad was being silly :p As Always ;) So we went back upstairs, finding mom ( who was sitting on the couch) They also have a Cinema at the mall.. and Popcorn :] So we got popcorn :) It was sweetish.. hmm? And if you are asking " Did you go the movies?'' The answer is no! lol, We are not allowed to go to the movies, Especially if my Dad is a Pastor, and in Ministry. Part of the rules. Can you believe, I have only been in a Movie Theater once?? " Your like " What?!" Yup! I went with my Grandma and my Uncle Johnny :) We saw UP in 3d ;) I had fun, I took off the glasses on some parts hahah!

After the popcorn we got Gelato! My favorite ice cream!! :) I got Mixed Berry & Lemon, Mom got Mixed Berry, and Dad got.. hmm.. Oh yeah, Mango & Mixed berry :) Then we went home! Finally! hahaha :)

The End!

Ps: Even before all this happened I made a wish, To have someone I love so much.. But haven't seen in almost 2 1/2 years.. Call me :) But no call came... I was hurt, and Well other information, is " Not post able" But I prayed, and went to sleep :) The next day guess what, That person called! :) God does answer prayers <3

Ps 2: Thanks for reading about my Day :) Will post again way soon! :) Love, Ash


* Fight Against Animal Abuse *

Fight Against Animal Abuse - By Ashleigh.P

I have been wanting to write about Animal Abuse since I moved here to Cape Verde Praia, If you could just see the dogs they have here, You would have a mixed feelings. I know I did. I have a lot a sympathy on these Dogs, I feel so sorry for them. There are dogs everywhere on this Island, Barely any of them are healthy, A high percentage of them Have Worms, Scabies/Mange, They are Skin and Bones, They have broken bone, They limp, I have seen a Dog here with a missing leg, and the thing that gets me the most is the Government here, Is not doing anything about it, They supposedly care about the dogs and want them to stay not to put them down. I know for a fact the Government does not care, Why?
1. These dogs are all suffering, You see dogs all over town..
2. They don't care for them, You see dogs going thru the Garbage's around town
3. No one feeds them.
This Government thinks they are helping the Dogs by keeping them alive well they're not, They are making them suffer even more.

~ Facts About Animal Cruelty ~

1. Puppy mills are large-scale commercial dog breeding operations that put
greater priority on profits than the health and well-being of the
puppies.Many dogs are plagued with illnesses or
infirmaries like kidney or heart disease, as a result of the poor
conditions they’re kept in.

2. More than 100 million animals every year suffer and die in cruel chemical, drug, food and cosmetic tests, biology lessons, etc.

3.Each year, thousands of young and healthy Greyhounds are killed because
they lack racing potential or have been injured while racing and are no
longer competitive.

4. It's been estimated that there are 900 to 2,000 new cases every year of
animal hoarding in the US, with a quarter of a million animals falling

I hate to see any Animals Suffer, Especially God's Animals.
Now I ask you What is your Opinion about Animal Abuse? What would you do to stop it?

Help me Spread the Word, This is message that needs to be spread.


My Grand, Yet Tiring day :)

Hello Everyone! How was your day? My day was grand! Why? Well lemme tell you about my day :)

I woke at 5:30 this Morning, And stayed in bed till...hmm 6:30. Got up, and went to Prayer with my dad, As always. ( I go every week day ) Then I came home and changed, Then went to the English School across the street. Now I'm sure your asking " Why did I go to the English School, When I am American?" Well to answer your question, " I am a volenteer :) I help out, And its nice to hang around younger and kids my age.
So I went there from 8-11, Then I came home, Ate some Chicken and Rice ( My Fav) and went shopping with my parents :)

So we went to the store, And they have a mall here, but nothing like the malls of the USA, of course, Its pretty simple, But it does has a theater, not that i go. lol. So we went to the mall, And right in the parking lot Me and my Mom, saw a puppy! She was sooo little, and Adroable! So I begged my Dad for a puppy, And when i said " Can I keep it?" He said Yeah. ( I was shocked to the bone!) But I didn't ask no questions, and put in the back of our truck :) So i brought her home, Gave her a bath ( 1st bath she has ever had) She didn't like it that much.. I love her so much :) She doesn't like me that much at the moment since I gave her a bath, At the moment she is sleeping :) But I feel so sorry for her.. Why?

1. She is Skin and bones
2. She was Starving and Parched
3. She had Fleas and Mange, ( She has Mits too )
4. She also had a cut on her neck, As if she used to wear a rope, She must of ran away.

Something about me,  I have pity on animals who have been mistreated, Or hurt. That is why I used to watch Animal Rescues on animal planet, At my Grandma's house :) I see them Hurting, And sick. And it makes me sad.. Know the feeling?

So If my Dad let's me keep her, I will :) If not I will feed her till she gets some meat on her bones, And wait till she is healthy, Then Release her, So it's like *Ashleigh Polaco's Animal Rescue ;) * lol

Here is a picture of her:

Comment : What should I name her?


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