~ I'm not your average teenager.~

For you strangers, who don't know me. I am not your average teenager. For my friends, you already know. Have you ever thought about the teenagers in this generation? I do, It's not like you can get away from them anyway. But If you think about it more thoroughly, you realize the teenagers that go to church, the teenagers who are Christians, are different than the teenagers who are sleeping around, watching garbage on TV, listening to worldly music. ( Some of my friend do.. Me? I rather not, But that is a different story.) Here is how I am different.

1. I'm a Christian.

Being a Christian doesn't just mean I believe in Jesus, It means I have a relationship with him. Which is the best thing you could ever have.

2. I don't have a Boyfriend.

Shocking to some of you teenagers, but I have never had a boyfriend. And I am not planing of having one till I am 18+, Honestly the way I see it, Having a boyfriend at a young age, is a waste of heart, and not very wise. I rather wait on who God has for me, then a 16 yr. old girl, with a broken heart, pregnant, etc.

3. I live in a Christian home.

I have all my life, ever since I was born. My parents have been great teacher I guess you could say, I am under a protective covering, when under my parents roof. If they didn't care what I did, If they didn't show me love and care, then I would be in a huge mess right now. But because of the time they take to teach me, lead me, help me, pray for me. I am here :) and not under the worlds influence.

4. I don't have a TV.

Some of you may have one, I am not against that. Just be careful what you watch. I have never had a TV. And most of you will say " Your missing out?" Honestly I rather miss out, The shows when I was little were definitely not as bad as they are now.
To much cussing, all about dating/boys/ To much adult content, Pornography. I know there is some good stuff on TV too, Cooking shows, cartoons, but having a TV in a Christian home is not a good idea. and not what I want.

You may wonder how I know about TV shows, well I admit I watched TV every time I went to my Grandma's house.

5. I don't listen to Worldly Music.

The title says it all, I only listen to Christian music, and some of you may think well its all hymns and melodies, well its not. I listen to Christian rock, rap, and more. Lets use Rhianna for example. A song about suicide. ( Oh yes, perfect for all teenagers and tweens to hear.um not! Not all music is bad, I understand, It may be harmless, But I rather not listen to it. Some of my friends, from Google+ or Adventures in Odyssey Gang, know this. But I have heard tons of world music. How? Well, that's in my past. But I still like the music, but I don't listen to it. I used to listen to Paramour, Linking park, Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry..and etc. I rather stick to Christian music, why? Well for one I am a christian, and I rather hear people praising God, and spreading the best message around the world instead of hearing songs about being in love, broken hearts, Finding the perfect guy/girl.. I just get tired of it.

There is more that separate me, from other teenagers, but these 5 are the top 5. Everyone needs to realize I am not your average teenager.