~ Had fun at the Barnyard! ~

Hey my friends & fellow Bloggers! Sorry, I haven’t posted.. I have been a bit busy.. ;) Being in two bands, being homeschooled, and church ministry will keep you busy! Anyway, I recently had a sleepover with my two best gals, Jayda & Tarryn! There is a reason why I them crazy, haha And maybe that’s the reason we like to hang out :) We had pillow fights, we laughed till our ribs hurt, and then we went to sleep! lol But the next day..was interesting, fun, weird, tiring, and cool! Jackie, ( Jayda’s Mom) Took us girls, and her two daughters to this place not far from their house called the Barnyard.. It’s a petting zoo.. but not your normal animals.. well at least not for me :) Let’s see they had Chickens... ( Don’t pet them..) They had an African Grey Parrot! ;) They had, Goats... Emu’s, Ponies..and ( shocker) Alpaca! o_o  and you would never guess what we were feeding them.. POPCORN!.. haha! :D I had fun!

This feathered guy, is a bully.
Yes! I’m an Alpaca!
Lil Pony :) 
What’s up Duck? ;) 
A Two Headed Goat! . Just Kidding ;)

 It’s so weird feeding goats.. Because they lick your hand..hehe :).. But all in all I had a cool day at the  Barnyard.. though I had to run away from the chickens.. they were chasing me!! :o.. But It was funny! :)

Anyway, Goodnight..Everyone around the world!

~ Ashleigh ~