{ I caught an.. Octopus! }

While living in Cape Verde, And living about a 15 minute drive away from the house.. Didn’t mean we never went fishing. In my experiences at a young age..Which is 12-14.. We would go fishing..I would barely catch one fish.. And it’s Rainbow Trout. My parents, would get bites, fish..and stuck ;) I gave up.. I wasn’t good with patience..lol. So after that.. I kind of thought fishing was really boring. And I just didn’t like it. And I stuck to that.. “ I don’t like fishing. “ Now my Dad..is a whole different story. My dad LOVES fishing. Don’t believe me.. Well I have a few facts that will prove it!

1. His Suitcase says “ I rather be fishing.”
2. His collection of Fishing stuff.. rubber worms..and stuff ( I have no knowledge of the proper names. )
3. His interest in fishing.
and finally number # 4!

4. We would go fishing so much in Cape Verde.. I actually liked it! lol

Living in Cape verde, We would all go as a family.. To certain spots..That we liked :) Now, where we would fish..had little tide pools.. with fish, Sea urchins, Slugs..( eww! ) and crabs! :) And of course rocks, coral, . ect. I still didn’t having the patience to stand there..And wait for fish to eat my worm on the line..So my mom and dad would fish..Well, Me.. The Bait Catcher.. chased fish around the tide pools, in the freezing cold water. ( We would go early in the morning, When the sun wasn’t burning us..and the tide was low.)

When we first went fishing in Cape verde.. Guess what we saw! A BLOWFISH!..You know those fish.. who look normal..but then they puff up..with spikes all over them! It was awesome! :)
Anyway.. Once Upon a time..just kidding. We went on our family fishing trips..again! And I had my bucket, and net that my dad made :) And went looking for fish bait! :)

I went looking for fish..And I was looking in the tide pool..When I saw what I thought was a rock MOVE..But since Rocks don’t move.. or squirt ink..I freaked out!..The octopus..moved his legs..Reminded me of a spider..Anyway. I was soooooooooo excited..I had to tell my mom! “ Mom!"- said loudly which of course was hushed because I was scaring the fish.. lol.. So I caught the octopus..even if he/she.. kept squirting me with ink..or trying too.

I showed my mom, She was surprised just like me..though I was more excited! I went to go show my Dad..And He was like Wow! :) So I put him in my net.. Here’s a picture!

Can you spot him..? Here;s a hint..Camouflage! 

How cool is that!!!
When I put him in my bucket with the little fish I had caught..for some reason..My fish were disappearing..? HE ATE MY FISH?! lol Which was annoying.. but cool.. :) That is something I will never forget! :) Well here in South Africa..It’s time for bed! So goodnight WORLD :) Have a great day/night. Will be posting more pics from Cape Verde..MaƱana ;) ( Tomorrow) :)

~ Ashleigh ~


~ Had fun at the Barnyard! ~

Hey my friends & fellow Bloggers! Sorry, I haven’t posted.. I have been a bit busy.. ;) Being in two bands, being homeschooled, and church ministry will keep you busy! Anyway, I recently had a sleepover with my two best gals, Jayda & Tarryn! There is a reason why I them crazy, haha And maybe that’s the reason we like to hang out :) We had pillow fights, we laughed till our ribs hurt, and then we went to sleep! lol But the next day..was interesting, fun, weird, tiring, and cool! Jackie, ( Jayda’s Mom) Took us girls, and her two daughters to this place not far from their house called the Barnyard.. It’s a petting zoo.. but not your normal animals.. well at least not for me :) Let’s see they had Chickens... ( Don’t pet them..) They had an African Grey Parrot! ;) They had, Goats... Emu’s, Ponies..and ( shocker) Alpaca! o_o  and you would never guess what we were feeding them.. POPCORN!.. haha! :D I had fun!

This feathered guy, is a bully.
Yes! I’m an Alpaca!
Lil Pony :) 
What’s up Duck? ;) 
A Two Headed Goat! . Just Kidding ;)

 It’s so weird feeding goats.. Because they lick your hand..hehe :).. But all in all I had a cool day at the  Barnyard.. though I had to run away from the chickens.. they were chasing me!! :o.. But It was funny! :)

Anyway, Goodnight..Everyone around the world!

~ Ashleigh ~


~ Life is Better at the Beach ~

We went to most peaceful place, and my favorite place.. The Beach. Have I ever told y’all how much I love the beach.. I mean I love it. It’s so peaceful.. I honestly didn’t enjoy living on an Island ( Cape Verde ) , but The only thing I loved about it all..was the ocean. The ocean itself it Amazing, You might even call it “ An Amazing Creation “.. Well here is what amazes me about it.. *Whispers*.. Everything! haha :) But to be completely honest, The ocean.. Have you ever thought about it.. All the Fish, sea creatures, sea anemones, everything..every speck of sand, every sea shell..every little crab. God made. :) It’s unbelievable..but it’s truly beautiful. The ladies from church went to the beach, And I of course tagged along.. I got to see a star fish..They were pretty gooey..but seeing something so cool is unbearable lol. I loved that I got to be with the ladies, and Jayda.. but I truly loved just being at the beach.. Watches the small waves crash..feeling the cold wind..( Though..Heavy wind isn’t very enjoyable.) But I stood there..looking at the ocean. I felt peace.. Though I was standing alone..It gives me time to think stuff though.. but I really do love..LOVE the beach. Anyway..Me and my parents went to the beach a few weeks ago, and even though it was seriously windy..it was still beautiful. I took some pictures too! Hope you like em!

                                   Mom’s Foot Prints in the Sand
My Mom walking by the ocean 
I’m in love with the ocean <3
Hey, lil bird
The End!
P.S: If you guys, have amazing pics that you took..of your family vacations..or whatever..and you want to share em. Leave a comment below..and I’ll share em!

                      { Beauty From Ashes }


~ Finally..I'm finally Free ~

Some of may think I don't know what this world is like.. But I do. I know what kind of influence this world can have on you.. How do I know? I hear so many testimonies, about how God changed so many peoples lives, Some were Drug dealers, some have been in Jail, were Criminals.. and more. But for those of you who don't believe in God..or just think that people are making up stories.. They aren't.. And Proof that God is real.. He changed my parents lives, and he has changed mine.

You may think " Well, You're a Pastor's Kid." I'm here to tell you.. My past may not be terrible as some, but I felt guilty, hurt, lost, alone..in this world. I gave some many teens advice for a lot, Forgiveness, Suicide..but I felt like a bad example when I couldn't forgive myself, and when I felt like committing suicide. I couldn't forgive myself..why? I tried my best to be, a good girl in church.. But after one mistake..one big mistake..I have been living with that scar.

I messed around sexually with one of my best friends, We were both young..but I knew what we did was terrible.. I couldn't forgive myself..at all. I apologized to her so many times, but even when she said she forgave me, even when I asked God for forgiveness..I couldn't forgive myself.. My friend Danny, was right. I was holding on to my past.. And holding on to it.. Was tearing me up.

I still have the scar..But you know what.. I have never felt so free in my life.. Here's what happened.

~ February 15, 2014 ~

I had just finished practice.. Freaking out over a song ( Mostly because I was singing by myself).. My band leader, Kyle walked up and asked me to do my testimony.. I can honestly say my heart stopped..Fear flowed in..my heart and mind. For two reasons:

1. I don't share my testimony often, Because I'm ashamed..
2. Because I was so scared..to even know..that everyone would know, I was scared to hear what they had to say..after they found out.

Kyle said.. God asked him to ask me.. I sat there praying my heart out..Almost crying. I dreaded sharing my testimony..For some crazy reason..I told Kyle " I will share my testimony". And when we finished singing " Price Tag " .. It was time for my testimony.. I was nervous, but you know what.. after sharing it.. I was really emotional, No matter how much I tried hiding it. I went in the Sanctuary..and cried at the altar.. because like I still scared..but I felt free. I don't the burdened anymore.. Jayda said Maybe It was time for me to let go.. And it was..

If you are a Pastor Kid, or Just a normal person.. Don't ever think you have to be perfect.. don't let your life..your past pull you down..don't let it tear you apart..Do it, not because I asked you..Because you need to. I been holding on to my past to long.. I let it tear down..and I'm still trying to get back up.. God loves you more than anything.. He sent his son to die for you. Out of conditional LOVE.. Don't ever give up your life, just because its unbearable.. because you know what.. God loves you, He is always with you..and even when things are going bad..He's always listening..He's always there..

If you ever need anything, Yes..You can talk to me..But God is the one who can help the most. :)

I'm still nervous to share my testimony..but I'm happy I did..because I can finally smile..and say I forgive myself :) And " Best Friend" I hope you do forgive me, I should've been a better example to you. And I apologize.

Well that's all for today! Have a great day :)

~ Ash ~


~ Falling Under the Influence.... ~

Some may think all Pastor’s kids, are perfect. From what I know..and what this whole world knows. NO ONE is perfect, no not even Pk’s. I am starting to notice, This world does all it can to influence you. Here is what I mean…

I have a young friend, She was so loving. She was Christian, though she doesn’t know about this world, Doesn’t have understanding. I told her to be careful with who she hangs out with/makes friends with. But you know us tweens/teens, think we know better, Now she is falling behind, She isn’t happy the sunshine, I used to know. Now she is believing the negative things people are telling her, And I worry even more. 

It’s hard for a Christian to fall.. Spiritually.You want to do what the world is doing, You want to try new things, But It’s not worth it. This world will leave you broken, hurt, angry, and more. You may ask “ Well, How do you know?” I know, because I’ve fallen, more than once.  And you can see it everywhere, The influence bullies have on kids, who end up taking their lives..Young kids, Young teenagers, In robberies, In drug dealing..End up in Jail.I know what this world’s influence does to you. I’ve been dealing with it since I was 11. Even though I have always grown in a God loving, christian home, with supportive parents, I still fell. ( spiritually ).

I always get the feeling, I wish I could travel back in time to those times when I said “ Yes” and put my foot down..And say “No.” But, unfortunately we can’t go back in time, and we have to move on in life. We all have our own stories, Some worst than some. My story.. I will post one day, but I can say this  world is really in a mess. 

All movies are starting to only be about Sex & Murder,
Music is mostly about, Sex, Good/Bad relationships, Suicide ( Rihanna). I understand not music, is like this. But a pretty good percentage of it is. 
You may think it’s helpful.. but what’s more important. Listening to Lady Gaga “ Born this way” or where your going to spend eternity? 

It’s not just us Pastor’s kids, who fall. It’s all of you out there. I won’t say any names, but I have another young friend. And she isn’t a christian, She wants to live her way.. But no matter how much trash she has gone through, How much she is enjoying the bad life ( sleeping around, drugs, drinking ) She still won’t turn to God. She is getting farther or farther away, This is one reason I do worry. Why? Well, If she keep going down this path..It will lead to spending eternity..In a place of separation..desperation.. And sadly if you don't give your life to Jesus..that's where anyone could spend eternity. 

I may not know what you all go through, Some of it is just to much for you. Some of it may be tearing you apart. And you think “ Why, live? “ And If you have ever thought about taking your life.. Please don’t. If you are cutting.. Please stop. You’re choices effect those who care about you. Cutting, may seem to take away the pain..but It’s causing you more pain..It won’t help you get over the hurt. Taking your life, Is the worst idea ever, Life may drag you down, But don’t let others rule your life. There is hope in this world. There is always Hope.. there is another way.. His name is Jesus. 

He knows what you go through, He knows the pain you suffer from..but He loves you so much, more than anyone in this world can. He died for us, on a cross. God, gave his only son to die for us.. Out of Love. And you know what's the best. If you give your life to him, You will one day spend Eternity with him.. I ain't lying. But It will be truly amazing. :) 

Don’t ever give up Hope.. And don’t let this World’s Influence ruin you..

If you ever need to talk, Comment below. :) 

Love you all, and God Bless! 


~ The Beauty of Classical Music ~

   I never paid attention to classical music, when I was young. Now, during my teenager years, I have grown to love Classical Music. I have a wide variety of what music I like, I can listen to music for hours. But I love listening to Classical Music, not because it's so soothing..and relaxing, but because It's truly beautiful, And I don't know how to explain it..But when I need to think things through..or I'm really nervous I listen to music.. Classical..whatever kind I have. Some of you may not like classical music, but that is your choice. I love classical music.. In fact I am listening to some now. 

                           ~ What Classical Music I Love ~ 

~This guy plays such beautiful music ~ 

~ Moonrise - Brian Crian ~ 

" Music is a social act
 of communication among people,
a gesture of friendship,
the strongest there is."
~ Malcolm Arnold ~ 

I will love Classical music, for as long as I can, It's beautiful, As one of my dreams is to go see an Orchestra or anything of the sort..Classical music, may just seem like average music to you, But I see it as beautiful music. 

Till next time! 


~ I saw Penguins..I'm not kidding! ~

You would never believe it.. There are penguins in South Africa! I have never seen a penguin..in real life! They are so cute...and noisy.. lol. We went to this place yesterday..that has them there! Me and my Dad took pictures! Hope you enjoy em! ^_^ I also took a picture of the mountain view you can see from there!

Gasp! Penguins in SA! 
Hi there! 

Time to sleep in the sun! 

The Mountain view!

Ain't he cute! 


Hope you guys have a fabulous day! Love y'all!

~ Guns & Moses ~

We have a band in our church, in Grassy Park - Cape Town, SA. The band members are great people, great friends, and are fun to hang with! Let me tell you about them a little.. ( From what I know ) 

Our band leader is Kyle Felix, who is a great guy, funny, serious when need be, he writes songs, and also plays the guitar. Our Drummer, Augustine, is a great guy as well, funny, nice, he can sing..though he denies it, and play the piano. We have another guitarist, Chadwyn, He is a great guy too.. quiet, funny, and a great guitar player. Oh! and there is Me and Jayda, she is a great gal, she is loving, she loves teasing me..which is no surprise.she plays the piano..but you should totally hear her voice!.. She can sing high, and she has a unique voice ( Yes you do, Jayda..don't deny it ). So yup! These are the band members! I also  interviewed our Band Leader Kyle.. Since he knows more than me about the band lol.

- The Interview - 
  • What's your name?  Kyle Felix 
  • How old are you? 18
  • How long have you been playing the guitar? For 4 years
  • What's the whole purpose of starting the band? Easy, to win souls
  • Who started the band in the beginning? A guy named Mickyle
  • What's your view on the band members? Cool people, easy to get along with but they love messing around.
  • How long have you know the member of the band? For 2 years now
Artwork by Kyle. F

                        Why do we do this? To win souls!
                        Who are we doing this for? .Jesus!
                     Who are we accountable to? ..One another! " 
                                      - Kyle Felix -

~ Being Online vs Being Social ~

Have you ever had that moment where you can hours and hours to people online..but when you talk in person..You don't talk much? Why are you doing that..Well I blame..that right, " Technology. "

- What I mean.. -

Hey, It's me Ash! Well, the other day I was talking to my dad about this very topic, Honestly its 100% true for me. Why? Well.. maybe I should explain from the beginning. So most of you know I lived in Cape Verde ( an Island ) if you didn't know..now you do lol  :) I wasn't able to go to school, make friends, talk to anyone on that island..for one whole reason.. They didn't speak English..only Portuguese. So I was forced to be homeschooled, and technically speaking forced to talk online to friends, Yes I could call some of them, but I mostly talked to them through email, Google+, or through AIO forums. Meaning most of my relationships with my online friends, aren't as real as my friends here in Cape town. I have know all of them for about 1 1/2 years. So we are all pretty close. But what my point is.. I can talk to people or my friends in general for hours..like seriously. But let's just say you meet me in person..I can come off as quiet..but honestly I am not! lol, I love talking, a lot. Ask my Dad, He calls me a Walkie-talkie..hehe. When I lived here in South Africa 5 years, ago. I would be miss over friendly, Talking to strangers.. and now..I get shy..or just stay quiet. But what makes me think is the amount of time me or even other teenagers spend online. Chatting, texting or ect. I used to spend up 6 hours on the computer everyday. Not terrible, but not so good either. So I would have to say, I still need to work on my social skills, So if you do know me..and I don't really talk to you in person..lol It's not cause I'm ignoring you..It's just I'm getting used to talking to people in English..and I have to get used to being involved in social life. lol .. I think I chat more..You have time to think over the words before you say them..but in person you just out right say it. lol.. Who knows? Well just felt like doing this post! Let me know if any of you feel the same way..or have any input! :)

Goodbye now!

~ Rudy The Roadrunner ~

On our visit to Arizona, We went to eat at a couples house..after we were done eating a wonderful meal.. We were outside..trying to get the keys that my bro in law...left in the ignition out..We spotted a roadrunner! I shall give the Credit to My Dad.. Robert Polaco for taking this amazing pic! ( We named the Roadrunner..Rudy....Mr Rudy the Roadrunner ;) lol )

More posts coming your way today! 


A new family member.. A puppy!

I have big news, We have added a new family member to our familia! :) Me and my mom couldn't figure out whose dog she was.. But I figured mom would spend more time with her..since I will be in school and wouldn't be able to much time with her, So we decided she was mom's dog, So mom got to name her.. Please give a warm welcome to Little Jazzy! *Applause with some awww's*

She is a miniature pincher, She is 5 months old..and she has a cute personality. She is so funny, Barking at flowers, rolling around on the floor/in the grass, She is sure a character. She loves being held..she is like a magnet haha!! 
She sleeps all the time..Maybe even more than the average teenager..


~ Flowers are truly beautiful ~

Hey! Another thing I truly love is Photography :) I have loved taking pictures ever since I was a little girl. :) We are staying at a BnB.. Called Beulah's Lodge.. The best part about this place is that is has such pretty flowers.. and Thanks to God for providing me with a camera :) ( I wanted a purple camera for christmas..I didn't get one..Which wasn't a big deal. But just so happens my sister Andrea had a camera she was going to throw away..for some crazy idea. jk ;) So she gave it to me..and guess what its purple!)

So as soon as we got here... I took pictures :) So I thought I might as well share with you guys! Enjoy! :)

~ Purple Flower ~ 
                                  ~ Pink Flower ~
                ~ I got excited when I found this lil guy! ~
         ~ This flower is just gorgeous..Oh look a lil beetle! ~
               I couldn't reach these flowers on top of the wall
                  so I put my camera up..and Snap! Perfect!
                               Another Snail ;)

  The End!! :) Hope you liked them! I will be posting tons of pictures..*Smiles* Will post soon!

~ Special Days with Grandma ~

I just love this picture! Why, Well.. Because my Grandma was there.. I was very happy to spend time with my Grandma... I miss her with all my heart <3 We took this picture before going shopping at Goodwill lol :) Family Bonding ;) Spending time with my Grandma..made my visit in Prescott more special..  ( Love you Grandma, And hope you will come visit us here one day! )

~ Me - Grandma Jane - Mom - Dad ~


~ Home Sweet Home ~

Life has sure been pretty hectic..but I'm finally rested. :) You may ask why? Here I'll tell you! :D

November 25: We got a call asking if we would take over the church in Cape Town, South Africa. For most of you who know me I lived not to far from Cape Town a long time ago, 5 years to be exact . We lived in Johannesburg, South Africa. My Dad told Pastor Mitchell he would talk my mom first. Me and mom were in the kitchen eating breakfast..She was ease dropping a lil bit..She knew dad was talking about SA. So he came in the kitchen explaining the phone call.. Mom was mad at dad for not saying Yes! right away ;) My mom was so happy..she cried <3 I was happy so much I was jumping up and down haha! :) So we got packing and only had 10 days... O_o

Packing: I can officially say I hate packing. We didn't pack to much since we had movers pack for us.. That's worse especially if there is Mr. Prince Charming.. ( He thought he was charming ) I was happy yet annoyed. Happy - That we didn't have to pack the house all alone..Which would just tire us out.
Annoyed: Well the movers are all guys and were always in our house.. A few of them creeped me out.. They kept staring at me.. which bugs me.. lol Seriously who likes to be stared at? I may let small things annoy me but I don't think anyone likes that. To of them were trying to get my attention.. Honestly the be wasting their time. Plus with my Dad around they won't even succeed ;) But when they left I was relieved :) Sorry if that's mean..

Our night in Boston: Oh Boston! I was there 10 mins and fell in love with Boston <3 I don't know why but I loved it! Maybe I'll live there one day ;) We were hungry and tired... We were on our way downstairs to the hotel restaurant when my mom looked out the window and saw a sign to the restaurant next door.. I forgot the name since it wasn't in English.. But it was an Italian/BBQ/Seafood restaurant!!!! Awesome right!! Oh my, their food portions were huge but the food was... TO DIE FOR DELISH! I'm not kidding. My parents got ribs, the meat was so rich and fall off the bone..so tender.. ( I'll stop in case your getting hungry..) But I will say YOU must go eat there!

Our Flight: Not to long..I tried to sleep but sitting next to the most talkative guys in the plane wasn't helping. Though their conversation was very interesting :) One guy was like a scientist :) He studies cures, medicine and types of sicknesses. They talked about Malaria.. Family, Evolution, God. Some parts I wanted to state my opinion  but that wouldn't be very polite. Just so happens one was an atheist. It was interesting and sad to hear what that said.. I still don't understand their theory. I drew a few pictures.. And scientist fellow asked if I was an artist heh :) But he really liked it :) I took it as a  compliment :)

In AZ: I had so much fun there I actually made friends..not that I didn't have any before.. I had one Miss Morgan. K :) Who is such a dear.) But the gals were much nicer :) I met Becca.. Who is funny yet pretty cool :) She is a great friend, Alyssa who is awesome.. She has such a fun spirit :) great
personality. Amanda who is funny, loving and more:) I'm happy I finally met her.. And more gals :)
They all have great personalities, fun, and all around amazing. I also got to meet my friend yelsew which was awesome! :) ( not his real name FYI )

Our long flight: Then after leaving AZ we got on a plane to fly to London.. Eight hours later ;) We made it safely to the airport. I bought a cute teddy bear souvenir! Then we ate some yummy sandwiches and sat for a longish while, about a three hour layer over. Then we boarded our next flight.. ( Wasn't looking forward to it ) This flight was 11 hours and 25 minutes .. Very tiring.. I got cramps in my legs.. After 3 hours I couldn't feel my legs. When I had to stand up ..took me a while though I felt like I lost the use if them haha. Sadly the seats are uncomfortable.. I slept but not as good as I wished. After 9 hours we finally made it to... Rainy Cape Town <3

Home sweet home: Yet I'm American I have only lived in the US for 5 yrs. Woah?! I've lived in South Africa ( counting Cape Verde ) in the total of 12 years :) So I count South Africa as home. I love South Africa :) is so beautiful.. The people are so outgoing and friendly. Mom says that's how you know i grew up here.. Describes my personality.. Though I have gotten quiet but I still talk a lot and I can be a bit mad.But very rarely. But if you friends or family I can't stay mad lol ;) Right now our new church is great! I love the people already and I've already made some friends :)

Please keep our church in Cape Town, South Africa in your prayers :) I thank God for bringing us here.. My joy is back :) God is sure good!

Well that's it for today! I'll post more soon..I'll be posting a lot of pictures!

~ Ashleigh ~