~ Being Online vs Being Social ~

Have you ever had that moment where you can hours and hours to people online..but when you talk in person..You don't talk much? Why are you doing that..Well I blame..that right, " Technology. "

- What I mean.. -

Hey, It's me Ash! Well, the other day I was talking to my dad about this very topic, Honestly its 100% true for me. Why? Well.. maybe I should explain from the beginning. So most of you know I lived in Cape Verde ( an Island ) if you didn't know..now you do lol  :) I wasn't able to go to school, make friends, talk to anyone on that island..for one whole reason.. They didn't speak English..only Portuguese. So I was forced to be homeschooled, and technically speaking forced to talk online to friends, Yes I could call some of them, but I mostly talked to them through email, Google+, or through AIO forums. Meaning most of my relationships with my online friends, aren't as real as my friends here in Cape town. I have know all of them for about 1 1/2 years. So we are all pretty close. But what my point is.. I can talk to people or my friends in general for hours..like seriously. But let's just say you meet me in person..I can come off as quiet..but honestly I am not! lol, I love talking, a lot. Ask my Dad, He calls me a Walkie-talkie..hehe. When I lived here in South Africa 5 years, ago. I would be miss over friendly, Talking to strangers.. and now..I get shy..or just stay quiet. But what makes me think is the amount of time me or even other teenagers spend online. Chatting, texting or ect. I used to spend up 6 hours on the computer everyday. Not terrible, but not so good either. So I would have to say, I still need to work on my social skills, So if you do know me..and I don't really talk to you in person..lol It's not cause I'm ignoring you..It's just I'm getting used to talking to people in English..and I have to get used to being involved in social life. lol .. I think I chat more..You have time to think over the words before you say them..but in person you just out right say it. lol.. Who knows? Well just felt like doing this post! Let me know if any of you feel the same way..or have any input! :)

Goodbye now!