~ Home Sweet Home ~

Life has sure been pretty hectic..but I'm finally rested. :) You may ask why? Here I'll tell you! :D

November 25: We got a call asking if we would take over the church in Cape Town, South Africa. For most of you who know me I lived not to far from Cape Town a long time ago, 5 years to be exact . We lived in Johannesburg, South Africa. My Dad told Pastor Mitchell he would talk my mom first. Me and mom were in the kitchen eating breakfast..She was ease dropping a lil bit..She knew dad was talking about SA. So he came in the kitchen explaining the phone call.. Mom was mad at dad for not saying Yes! right away ;) My mom was so happy..she cried <3 I was happy so much I was jumping up and down haha! :) So we got packing and only had 10 days... O_o

Packing: I can officially say I hate packing. We didn't pack to much since we had movers pack for us.. That's worse especially if there is Mr. Prince Charming.. ( He thought he was charming ) I was happy yet annoyed. Happy - That we didn't have to pack the house all alone..Which would just tire us out.
Annoyed: Well the movers are all guys and were always in our house.. A few of them creeped me out.. They kept staring at me.. which bugs me.. lol Seriously who likes to be stared at? I may let small things annoy me but I don't think anyone likes that. To of them were trying to get my attention.. Honestly the be wasting their time. Plus with my Dad around they won't even succeed ;) But when they left I was relieved :) Sorry if that's mean..

Our night in Boston: Oh Boston! I was there 10 mins and fell in love with Boston <3 I don't know why but I loved it! Maybe I'll live there one day ;) We were hungry and tired... We were on our way downstairs to the hotel restaurant when my mom looked out the window and saw a sign to the restaurant next door.. I forgot the name since it wasn't in English.. But it was an Italian/BBQ/Seafood restaurant!!!! Awesome right!! Oh my, their food portions were huge but the food was... TO DIE FOR DELISH! I'm not kidding. My parents got ribs, the meat was so rich and fall off the bone..so tender.. ( I'll stop in case your getting hungry..) But I will say YOU must go eat there!

Our Flight: Not to long..I tried to sleep but sitting next to the most talkative guys in the plane wasn't helping. Though their conversation was very interesting :) One guy was like a scientist :) He studies cures, medicine and types of sicknesses. They talked about Malaria.. Family, Evolution, God. Some parts I wanted to state my opinion  but that wouldn't be very polite. Just so happens one was an atheist. It was interesting and sad to hear what that said.. I still don't understand their theory. I drew a few pictures.. And scientist fellow asked if I was an artist heh :) But he really liked it :) I took it as a  compliment :)

In AZ: I had so much fun there I actually made friends..not that I didn't have any before.. I had one Miss Morgan. K :) Who is such a dear.) But the gals were much nicer :) I met Becca.. Who is funny yet pretty cool :) She is a great friend, Alyssa who is awesome.. She has such a fun spirit :) great
personality. Amanda who is funny, loving and more:) I'm happy I finally met her.. And more gals :)
They all have great personalities, fun, and all around amazing. I also got to meet my friend yelsew which was awesome! :) ( not his real name FYI )

Our long flight: Then after leaving AZ we got on a plane to fly to London.. Eight hours later ;) We made it safely to the airport. I bought a cute teddy bear souvenir! Then we ate some yummy sandwiches and sat for a longish while, about a three hour layer over. Then we boarded our next flight.. ( Wasn't looking forward to it ) This flight was 11 hours and 25 minutes .. Very tiring.. I got cramps in my legs.. After 3 hours I couldn't feel my legs. When I had to stand up ..took me a while though I felt like I lost the use if them haha. Sadly the seats are uncomfortable.. I slept but not as good as I wished. After 9 hours we finally made it to... Rainy Cape Town <3

Home sweet home: Yet I'm American I have only lived in the US for 5 yrs. Woah?! I've lived in South Africa ( counting Cape Verde ) in the total of 12 years :) So I count South Africa as home. I love South Africa :) is so beautiful.. The people are so outgoing and friendly. Mom says that's how you know i grew up here.. Describes my personality.. Though I have gotten quiet but I still talk a lot and I can be a bit mad.But very rarely. But if you friends or family I can't stay mad lol ;) Right now our new church is great! I love the people already and I've already made some friends :)

Please keep our church in Cape Town, South Africa in your prayers :) I thank God for bringing us here.. My joy is back :) God is sure good!

Well that's it for today! I'll post more soon..I'll be posting a lot of pictures!

~ Ashleigh ~