~ The Beauty of Classical Music ~

   I never paid attention to classical music, when I was young. Now, during my teenager years, I have grown to love Classical Music. I have a wide variety of what music I like, I can listen to music for hours. But I love listening to Classical Music, not because it's so soothing..and relaxing, but because It's truly beautiful, And I don't know how to explain it..But when I need to think things through..or I'm really nervous I listen to music.. Classical..whatever kind I have. Some of you may not like classical music, but that is your choice. I love classical music.. In fact I am listening to some now. 

                           ~ What Classical Music I Love ~ 

~This guy plays such beautiful music ~ 

~ Moonrise - Brian Crian ~ 

" Music is a social act
 of communication among people,
a gesture of friendship,
the strongest there is."
~ Malcolm Arnold ~ 

I will love Classical music, for as long as I can, It's beautiful, As one of my dreams is to go see an Orchestra or anything of the sort..Classical music, may just seem like average music to you, But I see it as beautiful music. 

Till next time!