~ Guns & Moses ~

We have a band in our church, in Grassy Park - Cape Town, SA. The band members are great people, great friends, and are fun to hang with! Let me tell you about them a little.. ( From what I know ) 

Our band leader is Kyle Felix, who is a great guy, funny, serious when need be, he writes songs, and also plays the guitar. Our Drummer, Augustine, is a great guy as well, funny, nice, he can sing..though he denies it, and play the piano. We have another guitarist, Chadwyn, He is a great guy too.. quiet, funny, and a great guitar player. Oh! and there is Me and Jayda, she is a great gal, she is loving, she loves teasing me..which is no surprise.she plays the piano..but you should totally hear her voice!.. She can sing high, and she has a unique voice ( Yes you do, Jayda..don't deny it ). So yup! These are the band members! I also  interviewed our Band Leader Kyle.. Since he knows more than me about the band lol.

- The Interview - 
  • What's your name?  Kyle Felix 
  • How old are you? 18
  • How long have you been playing the guitar? For 4 years
  • What's the whole purpose of starting the band? Easy, to win souls
  • Who started the band in the beginning? A guy named Mickyle
  • What's your view on the band members? Cool people, easy to get along with but they love messing around.
  • How long have you know the member of the band? For 2 years now
Artwork by Kyle. F

                        Why do we do this? To win souls!
                        Who are we doing this for? .Jesus!
                     Who are we accountable to? ..One another! " 
                                      - Kyle Felix -