~ Flowers are truly beautiful ~

Hey! Another thing I truly love is Photography :) I have loved taking pictures ever since I was a little girl. :) We are staying at a BnB.. Called Beulah's Lodge.. The best part about this place is that is has such pretty flowers.. and Thanks to God for providing me with a camera :) ( I wanted a purple camera for christmas..I didn't get one..Which wasn't a big deal. But just so happens my sister Andrea had a camera she was going to throw away..for some crazy idea. jk ;) So she gave it to me..and guess what its purple!)

So as soon as we got here... I took pictures :) So I thought I might as well share with you guys! Enjoy! :)

~ Purple Flower ~ 
                                  ~ Pink Flower ~
                ~ I got excited when I found this lil guy! ~
         ~ This flower is just gorgeous..Oh look a lil beetle! ~
               I couldn't reach these flowers on top of the wall
                  so I put my camera up..and Snap! Perfect!
                               Another Snail ;)

  The End!! :) Hope you liked them! I will be posting tons of pictures..*Smiles* Will post soon!