An Early Birthday Present

Well, It's been a really long time since I have posted anything of BFA, my apologies. Been kind of busy, and distracted. To actually have time to post, or even be online is limited...Though a lot has happened since I last posted, and there will be pictures included, so buckle up...and Here we go! 

So for those who know me, or for those who don't my Birthday is coming up. I'm getting old, it's scary. Just kidding, though turning 18 isn't that life changing. Ever heard the saying that " AGE IS JUST A NUMBER" Well, in a way it is except when your age catches up to you. Anyway, so I'll be turning 18, and so on May 19 - We had plans to go to the butterfly gardens that they have here, not to far away or so I thought. We left around 9ish.. and left :) One thing you should know about me is that I don't like driving for long hours, in the car... especially if we are passing by cows, sheep, and horses, and huge plains... though it was cool driving up this huge hill. Anyway, so we drove and drove, and after what felt like two hours or three. We got to a little town, and my parents were looking for a house - " Look for York Road" and I did, sooner or later we found York Road, and I was confused. So we pulled up to this house, and I was curious to why were there, so dad got out and said that he was to pick up something here. So he left, me and mom were in the car waiting, then i saw a guy carrying a husky puppy, I was freaking out... ( I really loves puppies, especially huskies, though any puppy or dog gets me happy) So I wanted to go see if the lady that sold the puppy has anymore huskies. So I got out, ran..slowly into the yard and then I saw them... 3 super little yorkie pups. Oh my goodness! They were cute! Me, being a girl was very excited and fell in love at first sight. Dad, was talking to the owner, and then mom came...and I was holding a pup...and mom said HAPPY BIRTHDAY - Wait, What?! Yup, so I got a puppy for my birthday ( Wanted a car but hey next time lol ) So I picked the smallest one, and we left - Drove back to our part of town, bought some delicious apples, and went to the dentist, then to church ( Band Practice, Oh I'm learning the piano - It's so cool our band practice, has a drummer, a guitarist, a bass player and two pianists) Anyway, so after practice we went home, and little puppy... was welcome to her new home! ---- She is 7 weeks old, and she is really little. We really have to watch where we step, in case we accidently step on her. It's so weird to see a dog so little walking in our house, anyway... Here is a few pictures of her! :) All I know I'm in love with her, even if she likes to wake me up at 1am to sleep on my bed...... hmmm? 

Her Name is COOKIE!

She loves to sleep, alot!

She chews on everything!
I'm serious, she chews on everything she can sink her tiny teeth into toes, fingers, computer cords, shoes. She loves to play, though her energy is limited lol she sleep a lot...and then she is hyper when it's time to go to bed. Typical Puppy...?