~ Falling Under the Influence.... ~

Some may think all Pastor’s kids, are perfect. From what I know..and what this whole world knows. NO ONE is perfect, no not even Pk’s. I am starting to notice, This world does all it can to influence you. Here is what I mean…

I have a young friend, She was so loving. She was Christian, though she doesn’t know about this world, Doesn’t have understanding. I told her to be careful with who she hangs out with/makes friends with. But you know us tweens/teens, think we know better, Now she is falling behind, She isn’t happy the sunshine, I used to know. Now she is believing the negative things people are telling her, And I worry even more. 

It’s hard for a Christian to fall.. Spiritually.You want to do what the world is doing, You want to try new things, But It’s not worth it. This world will leave you broken, hurt, angry, and more. You may ask “ Well, How do you know?” I know, because I’ve fallen, more than once.  And you can see it everywhere, The influence bullies have on kids, who end up taking their lives..Young kids, Young teenagers, In robberies, In drug dealing..End up in Jail.I know what this world’s influence does to you. I’ve been dealing with it since I was 11. Even though I have always grown in a God loving, christian home, with supportive parents, I still fell. ( spiritually ).

I always get the feeling, I wish I could travel back in time to those times when I said “ Yes” and put my foot down..And say “No.” But, unfortunately we can’t go back in time, and we have to move on in life. We all have our own stories, Some worst than some. My story.. I will post one day, but I can say this  world is really in a mess. 

All movies are starting to only be about Sex & Murder,
Music is mostly about, Sex, Good/Bad relationships, Suicide ( Rihanna). I understand not music, is like this. But a pretty good percentage of it is. 
You may think it’s helpful.. but what’s more important. Listening to Lady Gaga “ Born this way” or where your going to spend eternity? 

It’s not just us Pastor’s kids, who fall. It’s all of you out there. I won’t say any names, but I have another young friend. And she isn’t a christian, She wants to live her way.. But no matter how much trash she has gone through, How much she is enjoying the bad life ( sleeping around, drugs, drinking ) She still won’t turn to God. She is getting farther or farther away, This is one reason I do worry. Why? Well, If she keep going down this path..It will lead to spending eternity..In a place of separation..desperation.. And sadly if you don't give your life to Jesus..that's where anyone could spend eternity. 

I may not know what you all go through, Some of it is just to much for you. Some of it may be tearing you apart. And you think “ Why, live? “ And If you have ever thought about taking your life.. Please don’t. If you are cutting.. Please stop. You’re choices effect those who care about you. Cutting, may seem to take away the pain..but It’s causing you more pain..It won’t help you get over the hurt. Taking your life, Is the worst idea ever, Life may drag you down, But don’t let others rule your life. There is hope in this world. There is always Hope.. there is another way.. His name is Jesus. 

He knows what you go through, He knows the pain you suffer from..but He loves you so much, more than anyone in this world can. He died for us, on a cross. God, gave his only son to die for us.. Out of Love. And you know what's the best. If you give your life to him, You will one day spend Eternity with him.. I ain't lying. But It will be truly amazing. :) 

Don’t ever give up Hope.. And don’t let this World’s Influence ruin you..

If you ever need to talk, Comment below. :) 

Love you all, and God Bless!