~ The Best Days Ever in New Mexico ~

Never had this much fun!

December 16, 2013

Yay! I’m in New Mexico! Las vegas, NM to be precise.. This is my home town, I was born in ABQ, NM but Vegas feels like my true home. I was so happy I got to spend two days with my cousins :) Here is what I did:

We drove from Tuci. NM, We went to my 50 yr old cousins wedding ~ Congrats Debbie and Mark ~ ( She has never been married..till now. Woah )

We got to the Best Western Inn at about 9:20, I was so tired..and knocked out. We had church on Sunday so I needed to sleep. And Sunday was like being welcomed home for a day ;) 

~ Our Arrival at Church ~ 

So we got to church, Walked to the door, right away I noticed people and smiled, I was walking to open the door…when my cousin ran outside and gave me a hug! He just about gave a heart attack lol. I was really happy to see him again, Though he said I was short ;) We went inside..still my heart beating out of my chest.. ;) heh. It was nice to see he missed me ;) Kind of funny cause before I left two years ago, He barely gave me a hug..but we became good friends, and I was excited to see him. Anyway, Everyone said hi!! The #1 Reaction was “ Wow, Your tall! “ Yes, I am tall. ( Not according to Marcos or Zach though ) But I was a bit shortish.. when I left two years ago. I got hugs, hugs, hugs, I was hugged out! Jk, I saw..

Mario & Tiffany ( I missed them a ton!)
Marcos & Family ( My Cousins )
Kitty Kat ( Brittany - Friend )

Let’s just say a ton of people ;) 

I felt like hanging with my cousins today so that is exactly what I did.. I hung out with Marcos, Carlos, Lily, Flor, & Manuel. :) 

~ What we did ~ 

Before we reached there house, My lil cousin Carlos warned me about Marcos’s puppy, They told me it was a pit bull.. I don’t like big pit bulls.. Puppies yes! And he was solo cute! I’ll ask Marcos for a picture :) But his name is Speedy Gonzales ( Most of you should know who that is ) So.we went inside and. We chillaxed on the couch, Marcos took a picture of us, It’s on Google+.. I don’t like it.. but whatever ;) Then we ate wonderful meatloaf with mashed potatoes ( Well me and Marcos did ) His family ate the same thing, but with salad and green beans :) ( I’m not a fan of green beans..) 

Then Flor - My cousins mom - suggested we could make brownies, so we did.. or I should say Marcos did.. They were his brownies,,And he wouldn’t let me make them. Ha! He says he is the best baker.. But I disagree a tiny bit ;) So I guess I am gonna have to prove it.. What do you say Marcos? 
I had a fun time play-fighting with him heh. I might buy him some scissors ;) ( Marcos knows what I mean ) 

Anyway, He put them to bake, and Me and lily made an Orangesicle cake :) and I made cream cheese frosting frosting for Marcos’s brownies..which was yummy! :) Then we hung out a bit more..I bugged Marcos more ;p hehe. ( I enjoy it ) Then the brownies were done, and I put my cake in. And we had to get ready for church. So by the time we were ready, so was the cake. :) Then we headed of to church. 

My friend, Invited me to come to Children Church as a guest :) I was happy to come.. Though I did miss the song service..so I came back after my parents did, special music :) Which was nice to hear again!

Then I headed to the back, And helped out. Looked like they needed help so hey :) Jackson, Said I shouldn't of been helping sine I was a guest..but I love helping :)

Then I went with cousins, To our friends house :) I got to see my friend that i haven't seen in years! Miss Vanessa :) It was great talking to her. :) Then Its was time to head home since they all had school..so They took me home. ( to the hotel ) And thus one great day ended <3

~ Monday..17, 2013 ~

I was going to get my hair done..But wasn't able too. I found out we were going to visit my cousin and family :) We got there..Knocked on the door..and guess who answered the door! Yup, Isaac my cousin :) ( Joy to the world ;) hehe. I was more than happy to see him, and Jo, and Bri. and of course, Trudy and Grandma :) We talked for a while. And about 30 mins later. Someones knocked on the door. It was Isaac's friend from church. He was there to pick up Isaac for the Christmas Party .. His firmed left..Isaac said he was going later.. Then a few mins later, We ended going together :) And omg!!!! I saw a great friend from the old school.. Wow, That made my day even better!

We ate food that Makyla made, which was delicious ! :) And creative ;) and then the best part..we played games! :)

~ Hang the Candy cane of the Christmas Tree ~
~ Catch the Marshmallow.. and which was followed.. Marshmallow fight! ;) We were going to have a snowball fight..but It was a bit cold outside ;)

~ And a lot more games~

All in one result.. Its was the best day I have ever had in New Mexico <3

~ I hope to see my cousins again, soon, Love you both! ~

Thank you so much, for making my time in NM wonderful..fun,,and great. You're both great cousins! Most grateful for you guys!

( Sorry this post was long.. But it's worth reading )

{ Ash }