~ A Happy Day! ~

December 6th, 2013 - In the airplane & at the airport

Time for a 6 hour flight, Yay! ( sarcasm ) I sat next to two guys.. older. One guy was from Kenya - who was also a bioligist :) He was super talkitive.. He and the other guy talked almost the whole flight..Thanks to them I only got an hour of sleep.. I was happy when they fell asleep for an hour ;) Mean I know.. But come on. Though I did enjoy the salad I ate on the plane, Super yummy! Though it was like $8.49 lol. But we finally made it the the airport in Phoenix, AZ. We got off the plane and headed to the baggage claim.. And waited..waited.. Our luggage was no where to be seen. Till I saw my Brother-in-law, Brandon walking towards us..and guess what he had our luggage! :) It was good to see him again, still tall. He went to go load the luggage in the van, While me and Mom waited for my Grandma's plane.. Which was 20 mins late.. So it arrived at 6:20 pm. So me and mom, Went up the escalator, And waited. I found a girl with a brown lab, His name was pilot, He was so nice ^_^ Then Dad came to where mom was, and said Grandma was downstairs already.. I was excited! I ran down the escalator..since it was to slow. I found out I was all the way on the other side of the airport, So I ran through the crowd, haha like ran! ;) I saw an older lady, wearing purple..And I came behind her..and poked her. She turned around.. ( This was the moment..I hoping it was the right person-not just some stranger hahah) " Hita!" " Grandma!" I felt so happy, I gave her a long hug. I was so happy! :) I am still taller than her ;) lol. She noticed haha. So she saw mom, they hugged as well. We got her bags, and left the airport.

We went to Burlington right away! haha. I bought some cute shoes! I'll post a picture later! Then we went to Carls Jr, And got dinner. I got Chicken strips, but they were wonderful and delish without honey-mustard sauce, which they didn't give me. And made our way to Andrea's house. We finally got there, We walked in and everyone was there! Seeing my dear nephews & nieces made super happy, They were all big, adorable and all around cute! I got to hold lil Jade, She was all little.. Asia, Zion, Aria, Israel.. That's what made it great! :) I gave me sister's a hug, " Hi, your short" < I said that to both of them..because I'm taller than them! ;) Funny cuz I was the smallest of them, when I was born.. I was a premature baby..and now I'm the tallest between all the grandkids ;) hehe.

We talked, laughed, hugged! My little nephew Israel, was teaching me how to draw a car.. ;) Though I already knew how..but spending time with him was fun :) and My day was coming to an end, I slept at my other sister's house.

This was the best day.. ever! ^_^