~ Our flight to Boston ~

December 5th, 2013 - On my way to Arizona -

Well for some of you who may know I haven't been online in such a while. It's because I have been in packing for my trip to wonderful Arizona. ;) So from Cape Verde we flew to Boston which was a four hour flight. Which wasn't so bad.. But I had no entertainment for 3 hours.. My phone died..and my Dad's Ipad died..so heh.. I was a bit bored. But we finally got into Boston... Just to find out the keep my gray suitcase..because they thought I was making my own homemade beer or whatever..and kept it.... -_- Yes I am a smuggler..and I make my own brew =p hahah I know ridiculous. So we got into to Boston.. where it was 8 degrees! Brr!! I was frozen.. I was all happy to see american things in the airport..I said " Mom, look Dunkin Donuts! " And I barely like donuts haha. We took a hotel shuttle to our hotel. It was kind of smoke..but the drive there was cool :) The hotel was pretty nice. We were hungry, So we were going to go eat at the Hotel restaurant. So we got ready..then were about to head downstairs when..Mom looked out the window and saw a restaurant.. I forgot the name.. But it's a Seafood - Italian - BBQ restaurant! It was soooo delish! My Parents got Ribs, steak, and other meat. Omg! The ribs were fall off the bone..and super rich and delicious.. I was in love. I on the other hand got Sausage and Pasta..which I thought would be something thing like alfredo sauce with sausage..bursting with flavor..but I got a huge bowl of pasta with simple spaghetti sauce.. and the biggest sausage i have ever seen.. I'm serious lol. It was good, but they gives you so much food..i was already full! Then we left full as we can be..and headed to bed :)  The beds were so soft..that my dad said it was like sleeping on a marshmallow haha ;) My parents knocked out..me? I got on the Town of Odyssey Chat, and finally talked to my friends :) Made my day! Then I went to bed.. Since It was like 3am. heh :p Then we woke at 4am.. Jet Lag. I stayed up the whole time..mom went back to sleep around 8. Dad was on his computer reading news and doing some business stuff. Then Dad asked me to get him Breakfast. So I did.. Which at first I thought was free..like it says on their site. But it's $13.50 per person. I think I was bugging the waiter because I kept coming downstairs to ask for juice..Then she made me pay,  hahaha! Then we left for the airport..I got SKITTLES and DR. PEPPER! :) I was happy lol. Since I was deprived from them for 2 years ;) and got a key chain. In my honest opinion I would love to live in Boston :) Who knows, We'll see ;) Then got on our plane to go to.... That's right. Arizona <3

I'll make a post soon! ( I'll be posting daily..hopefully ) Ciao!