My Memories of South Africa Part 1.

1. My Memories.

I have been a Missionary Kid, Since I was two years old, Yup that right! My parents, My sisters & I moved to Johannesburg, South Africa in1998. My dad was sent there to start a church, And we did. I loved South Africa, It was like my home. Well first I went (Christian) kindergarten, Which was called " Treasure Tots". That was my favorite place ever! :) I loved it.. Had so many memories. Even had a favorite teacher :)
Her name was " Teacher Lona ". She was such a great teacher :) I loved her class! My favorite part was being teachers helper. She would pick a student, who was being good. for the day. To be her helper :)
I still have lots of memories. :) sigh.

Then when I finished at Kindergarten, I went to the school across the street, And my favorite school in this world. ~ Aberton Christian Academy ~ I have tons of memories of that school.. I remember everything! My crushes, My fights, My fav teachers, The games we played, Sports :)

                                            ~  Aberton Christian Academy History ~
The school was established in 1987 and operates under the leadership of the Living Word Ministries Church. The school began with a complement of ten students and has a present capacity for two hundred and thirty students. Alberton Christian Academy operates as a Section 21 Company and is registered with the Department of Education and Umalusi.
Treasure Tots Nursery School and the after care facility directly across from the school, was established in 2003. A college facility and extended school grounds was developed in 2006/2007.
Alberton Christian Academy has become one of the largest ACE schools operating in South Africa and Africa.

I had the best Principle, I still remember him! A jolly Principal he was :) (Random Fact: He loves Wintergreen gum) lol So when we would go to America, We would bring him some.

Let's see who I remember.

Principal: Mr Scullard ( I'm not sure how to spell it)
Secretary: Mrs. Wendy
My 3rd grade teacher (evil) ;) jk Mrs. Edwards. 
My 5th Grade teacher : Mrs. Johnson.


Brandon ( Little)
Brandon Lee ( Nice )
Giovanni ( Mean - Had anger Problems)
Montana ( enemy)
Darren ( My first Valentine )
Katy and Carrie ( Highschoolers)
Ramon ( Class Clown)

And that's it :p

But I would have to say the best moments of my life happened in South Africa :) I will never forget it :) And one day I hope I get to go back. I doubt the kids I used to go to school with will be there, And I pray that they are safe. But Our church is still there, And my memories <3

I will post soon! Love, Ashleigh.

If you want to see my School - Here is the Link: albertonchristianacademy.co.za