~ Learning Portuguese ~

Ola! I wanted to tell you about the school across the street from our house. It's a Multilingual school. :) I never thought they would have one here! For those of you who don't understand.

~ It's a school that teaches multiple languages ~

This school teaches..let's see:

Espanol - Spanish
and more!

Just so happens it's right across the street from our house!..Like seriously..You just walk there. haha. Anyway, Me, Mom and Dad went there yesterday. Dad had to take a test. So me and Mom were with the teacher Miss Erica. :) I'll tell you about Miss Erica.

Miss Erica is of course from Portugal. I say " of course" because there are a lot of people from Portugal who live here. She speaks English..but not very good. I had to translate her English to my mom.. So yeah. But she is very nice. Though she did give us a bit of homework..especially for our first day.

I must say learning Portuguese will be a challenge and an new opportunity for me..and my Mom of course. So hopefully it goes great :)

Today we learned the Basics, Like the Alphabet, Numbers, Greetings. :) and more. In all honesty really enjoyed it. I was really hyper afterwards..which isn't new haha. But I can't wait till next Monday!

I will post more either today or tomorrow! Ciao!

~ Ash ~