My Grand, Yet Tiring day :)

Hello Everyone! How was your day? My day was grand! Why? Well lemme tell you about my day :)

I woke at 5:30 this Morning, And stayed in bed till...hmm 6:30. Got up, and went to Prayer with my dad, As always. ( I go every week day ) Then I came home and changed, Then went to the English School across the street. Now I'm sure your asking " Why did I go to the English School, When I am American?" Well to answer your question, " I am a volenteer :) I help out, And its nice to hang around younger and kids my age.
So I went there from 8-11, Then I came home, Ate some Chicken and Rice ( My Fav) and went shopping with my parents :)

So we went to the store, And they have a mall here, but nothing like the malls of the USA, of course, Its pretty simple, But it does has a theater, not that i go. lol. So we went to the mall, And right in the parking lot Me and my Mom, saw a puppy! She was sooo little, and Adroable! So I begged my Dad for a puppy, And when i said " Can I keep it?" He said Yeah. ( I was shocked to the bone!) But I didn't ask no questions, and put in the back of our truck :) So i brought her home, Gave her a bath ( 1st bath she has ever had) She didn't like it that much.. I love her so much :) She doesn't like me that much at the moment since I gave her a bath, At the moment she is sleeping :) But I feel so sorry for her.. Why?

1. She is Skin and bones
2. She was Starving and Parched
3. She had Fleas and Mange, ( She has Mits too )
4. She also had a cut on her neck, As if she used to wear a rope, She must of ran away.

Something about me,  I have pity on animals who have been mistreated, Or hurt. That is why I used to watch Animal Rescues on animal planet, At my Grandma's house :) I see them Hurting, And sick. And it makes me sad.. Know the feeling?

So If my Dad let's me keep her, I will :) If not I will feed her till she gets some meat on her bones, And wait till she is healthy, Then Release her, So it's like *Ashleigh Polaco's Animal Rescue ;) * lol

Here is a picture of her:

Comment : What should I name her?