Yet Another Chapter To Begin

Moving is starting to feel like the norm now, I have moved once yet again. I moved this Tuesday, to Aurora, CO. It's a lot different from Las Vegas, NM for sure. If you've never been to Las Vegas, NM you're not missing anything honestly, the biggest store we have there is a Walmart... Kinda ghetto sorry, but it's true. Here in Aurora, I'm living in my oldest sister Andrea and her family, which included my 2 nephews and my little niece. It's kind of crazy, how big they keep getting. My oldest nephew is 9! It makes me feel old, lol being his aunt and only 9 years older than him. You may be wandering why, I moved here.... Well, being in Vegas, even though I was there for 8 months I sadly didn't get anything done, yes I got a job but my money evaporated and just some decisions I was making weren't very wise. I hadn't got my high school diploma, my driver's license, nothing done. It's funny how when I moved back I had so many plans and I didn't do any of it. I learnt a lot though, Work taught me a lot... like Patience. That's something I have a hard time with, is patience. We all do. It taught me to work with different types of people, and how to handle situations with certain circumstances. Wendy's wasn't the best job in the world, but it gave me some experience. So being here in Colorado, it's a lot different. I am starting fresh, I got health insurance (Important) and I got my taxes done, and I am working on getting my permit, then my license, then hopefully also my state ID of Colorado, even though its temporary. Not sure why, I am here. Though there's a few things such as what I just said and starting to have a relationship. with my sister and her husband. Mainly my sister though, My oldest sister moved out of the house when I was 5 and so my relationship is very poor. So being here, till I can get all this stuff done, a car, and being able to support myself... I can work on my relationship with her, and get to spend time with my family, well at least part of my family. I can't help but smile at my nephews and niece because I remember being little and having that imagination, it's kind of sad to grow up. I miss being a kid, but then we got spanked when we were kids, So I don't miss it that much haha. Pray, I get a job soon! I applied for ToysRus, Kohl's and Maurice's, and still applying so hopefully that works out soon.

Last night, I babysat my nephews, my niece and two little girls. (A couple in the church here, little girls) Well, the adults went to a Valentines Marriage Seminar. We watched cartoons, PBS KIDS & NICK Jr., Land Before Time and then we all made our own personal pizza's, watched more cartoons, ate homemade Rice Krispies, we had to stop eating them because it was already 9:30 and I didn't want them all hyper before bed hah. All in all, I had fun even if I wasn't feeling good. I can't wait to have kids :)

Well, I better get back to cleaning so the point of this, I may take some time adjusting yet again but I hope the outcome, of this will be good. May not be easy, right now but I'm going tot try and trust in God to help me through this. We have a busy day... So hope you all have a wonderful day.

Happy Valentine's Day - Ashleigh Polaco