Living in Denver and Changed!

Hey everyone! I know it has been such a long while since I have posted, a lot has happened. So most of you may know I moved to Denver, CO to live with my sister and her family, For a while I hated that I moved here, but If i didn't I wouldn't be here..anyway. I never really grew up with siblings, so now being 18 there's always a first time. Israel, Zion and Aria, are my nephews and my niece. They are good kids, always talking and talking. They say such funny things. Watching them learn, and grow makes me think a lot. So, new things that have happened... I got saved, guess through time I realized I couldn't live without God no matter how hard I tried. Life lesson learned, and for some of us to learn you can't live without God, you may think "I can do it by myself, I don't need God." Trust me, I tried. I just gave myself more scars, and got into trouble, which led to hatred, anger, ect.  Life seemed to get so much harder without him. And now that I'm serving God, I can say I am happy, I'm finally free.  I go through some moments, but I am trying to fight against it :)

We have a bigger church, and its the same building we had before. My brother in law has a vision for his church, so we knocked down the walls and its amazing! Our church is seeing new converts. A couple teens, Pray we get more youth! While I was at work, my family and our church went outreaching and they handed out like 500 fliers... Now that's awesome! We had our Easter service, and the kids got their Easter egg hunt was super cute! We had a baby dedication, and that was three kids... It awesome to see parents dedicate their kids to God, I've seen it before yes, but its different when you understand the reasoning behind it. We are supposed to have a baptism, pretty soon. I'm going to do it, my reasoning is because I'm taking this seriously now, I want to serve God and live to what he wants me to be.


Well, when I got saved I started praying for a new job. I liked my job it just wasn't working out for me concerning the pay, and my health. When I first moved here, I had applied for ToysRus, and I didn't get it, and so about 5 weeks ago, my sister let me know they were hiring and I jumped to the opportunity. I got my second interview, with the manager who is someone I could see myself working for, My previous manager wasn't someone I could work with any longer, so I quit. So good news! I got the job within 3 days, I was so happy, I've only worked two days so far but I truly love the atmosphere, the people. My hiring manager, is so friendly and full of energy, she makes working not so stressful. I love that I'm working with people, seeing kids...some brats here and there. God gave me this job, answered my prayer... And I'm finally working somewhere I actually enjoy.

I am still waiting though, trying to finish school.. I'm not sure what to do after that? I want to get back into doing music for the church, but  Should I go to college, and what kind? So honestly, it's a bit frustrating not knowing but I'll wait on God. Not sure what he has planned for me, other than being a Pastors Wife one day, I've had that calling upon my life since I was a little girl. Who knows? Well, I better get back to reality, lol Until next time...

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You know when I wasn't saved, as a Pastor's kid makes you feel alone... but if you are out there, and you think your the only one.. If you really want to know what I felt like. I found this song, every word... WAS me. 

 When you get a chance listen to this song: Paralyzed by NF