Happy New Year!

Welcome to the new year of 2016, and Happy New Year to all! How was everyone's Christmas? My Christmas was nice, first time I spent it without my parents was pretty different and will be hard getting used to. I did spend it in ABQ with my grandmother and my two uncles, and with more family I haven't seen since I was little. We had turkey, corn, mashed potatoes, and all that good food! It's was very cold too, was expecting blizzard conditions, so this girl got stranded in ABQ... so that was great, not! Though was nice to spend time with my family, and have a few laughs, a lot of candy canes and a couple pieces of pumpkin/sweet potato pie! So it is a new year, hey? Does anyone have any new year's goals, resolutions, like a new years bucket list? Email me some, at ashleyisland97@gmail.com and I'll add it to the post I'll make about my New Years To Do List.  You know a lot has changed since last year, one is me moving back to America, getting a job at Wendy's, trying to as independent as I can... hmm and just a lot. I've made a lot of memories, last year. Some good and some bad... I know that sometimes our years, won't be perfect but hey.. I'm grateful because through it all, I had my family through it all and without them I wouldn't be the girl I am today, yeah I have a ways to go when it comes to growing up and learning things for myself but hey, We all as teenagers have too. Well, I will post when I can...I wish I could all the time, but with my paycheck I can't afford a laptop or a computer. So when I do post, it will be worth reading. Well I hope you have a wonderful day, and you know what this year make it count. Do something different, Go experience some new things, meet new people, and through it all Keep Serving God. God bless you guys!